Honda Generator Storage Box (DIY Project Download)

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6mm aluminium checker plate water and dust proof supplied (not fitted) with shelf and drop in tray box will fit a Honda 2kva generator inside. Download PDF All Purpose Brochure. Hi All, I want to fit a aluminium storage box to the rear bumper of my van to transport our Honda 2kva genset. I live in WA & am finding it difficult to locate a supplier/manufacturer of aluminimum toolboxes for this purpose. I just bought a Honda 2000 Gen. I am looking for a box to secure it to the front hitch cargo carrier (open platform type). I looked at some older posts and found a 799.

honda generator storage box 2Find aluminium box for honda generator ads. Electronic Individual Foot and Head recliner beds fitted with a large under storage area. Generator Boxes for Travel Trailers Camper Honda Storage Box RV Generator Box See more about Travel Trailers, Storage Boxes and Honda. Our aluminum storage boxes are a great way to avoid clutter inside your vehicle, carry extra fuel or water, or even store recovery/emergency gear. This box was originally designed for the Honda 2000 generator, but now is used for a variety of reasons.

Safely house a generator on your caravan with the RVSS Storage Box. The caravan generator slide is pre-drilled to fit Honda 1 & 2 gensets. The built in jerry can holder maximises storage. Made to measure and fit a Honda 2KVA generator, this is the ideal optional storage box for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors away from civilisation and caravan parks. There’s room for the honda and some extra storage space for other stuff. Careful — you may cook the generator if it doesn’t get enough cooling air through that box.

Aluminium Box For Honda Generator

Manufacturers of portable generators include Yamaha, Onan and Honda. Outside Van Generator Storage Trojan Cargo Boxes will stow the 2000W or 3000W Honda generators. Well, I was doubtful that a Honda EU20i generator would actually fit into the front storage box, the measurements just didn’t seem to stack up. Protect costly generators, camping gear, welders, tool boxes, plasma cutters and more from theft. Lock and Load SideKick straps are not adjustable and are made to accommodate one EF2000IS Yamaha, Yamaha EF2400IS or one EU2000I Honda generator. The UK’s Number 1for Generators and Power Equipment. This lightweight storage bin is designed for storage as opposed to security. Converted my bike storage rack on my 21fbs to a generator storage box rack. The Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier model 6506 made by Master Hitch might work: Edit: I got an email from Master Hitch. These are photos for the Honda EU2000i generator box.

Storage Boxes

Fuel recommendations and storage tips for Honda generators. Follow these tips to avoid most fuel-related problems. Store your gasoline in a clean, plastic, sealed container approved for fuel storage.