Hook Box Cutter (DIY Project Download)

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Safety knives and cutters designed to reduce workplace injuries. Box Cutter utility knife with a hooked blade, this cutter is curved one end with a concealed blade, making it ideal for cutting film and wrap on pallets. Other names for the tool are box cutter or boxcutter, razor blade knife, razor knife, carpet knife, pen knife, stationery knife, sheetrock knife, or drywall knife. A modern safety cutter at top, with blunted tip blade and cutting guide/tape hook.

hook box cutter 2Shop for Box Cutters at Grainger. Film Cutter/Tape Splitter, Fixed Blade, Blade Type Safety Cutters Hook Style, Blade Change Non-Changeable,. Safety Knife Film Slitter Strap Band Carton Box Tape Cutter Packet Opener Work. Fish Style Safety Knife With Hook Blade In Yellow – Health & Safety Approved. Each knife has a usefull carabiner hook. Film Slitters.

Great offers on Knives & Box Cutters now online in our DIY Hand Tools range. Get FREE delivery on orders over 50. Hook blades are used to direct the force of the cut upward in a pulling motion. This cutting action gives more leverage when cutting thicker materials like roofing and carpeting materials. Buy Klever Excel 7, Safety Box Cutter w/Hook, KCJ-4Y-30 at Walmart.com.

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hook box cutter 3Targeted at the most common uses for knives – Cardboard Boxes. Blade cuts conventionally with a 45 angle; Only blunt edges of Hook Blade exposed. Recycling box cutters and their blades is not quite as easy. In the United States, they are also called utility knives, safety knives, safety cutters, carpet knives, pen knives and hook knives. Carolus 2477416 9100.10 Hook blades for box cutter (10 pcs). Metal detectable box cutter has unique automatic spring-loaded finger guards that retract when cutting. Only the blunt edge of the hook blade is exposed, protecting fingers from sharp blades. Utility knife blades,hook blades,linoleum blades,box cutter blades,Utility knife blades,hook blades,linoleum blades,box cutter blades,Utility knife bl.

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