Hooking Up Wood Stove (DIY Project Download)

Wood stoves and stovepipes were made for each other. They fit together to prevent smoke or draft from entering or exiting the stove. This type of stove has a round, steel flange emerging from the top that allow for easy hook-up. Otherwise, it would be too tempting to just ignore it when things get busy and switch on the furnacewhich totally defeats the purpose of installing a wood stove. Your information has been great and helped me tremendously, as a novice woodstove user, to make sure I am doing things correctly and most efficiently. Brian.

hooking up wood stove 2Stovepipe Installation Tips – There are certain tricks that help stove pipe installation. As long as you’re installing your stove, why not give your home a thorough energy audit? Do you have energy-efficient windows? Have you caulked all cracks? How well are the walls insulated? Does every door and window have sound weather-stripping? The federal ENERGY STAR program can help you find opportunities to get the most for your heating dollar. The resurgence of the wood burner as a supplementary source of heat has led to an alarming and growing number of fires traceable to careless installation or misuse. When installing a freestanding stove, you will generally have three ways to vent the smoke from the house:.

I am installing a new wood add-on stove in the basement and want to hook it in to my forced air furnace duct work to help move the air in the house. I use the wood stove to heat my workshop during the winter months. Installing the heat exchanger in my wood stoves chimney pipe was pretty straight forward. Residential Wood Stove Installation. A stovepipe is used to connect the stove to a masonry chimney or prefabricated metal chimney. The stovepipe is sometimes referred to as a connector.

Stovepipe Installation Tips

placing a wood stove 3QUESTION: But my water tank has only two pipes, the cold going in, and the hot coming out. How do I connect my stove to this without modifying those pipes? My wood furnace is hooked up to my gas furnace so the heat would come out the floor vents. The wood furnace has the one pipe going to the chimney and the other goes from the wood stove to the back of the gas furnace. Thirty gauge or thicker black pipe should be used for the first two feet and then thirty gauge or thicker galvanized pipe can be used to connect to the existing furnace duct. The problem with trailers is that they are fire traps — a wood stove (which is often the most economical and also one of the best environmental options) was out of the question. Installing the furnace was simple — Mark dug out a bit of earth and put down cinderblocks, then set the stove on top. The chimney installer estimated 2,283 to set the stove up and install a s/s liner with insulation and hook up the stove to burn wood only.

Why Would You Hook Up The Heat Output Of A Wood Stove To The Cold Air Return On An Electric Forced-air Furnace?