Hospital Bed Medical Necessity (DIY Project Download)

Hospital bed accessories are durable medical equipment items used in conjunction with a hospital bed. A request for a hospital grade, pediatric crib will be reviewed for medical necessity on an individual basis. Covered by Medicare if the physician’s CMN establishes medical necessity due to one of the following reasons:. Variable Height Feature – If hospital bed coverage requirements are met and the CMN established the medical necessity for a variable height hospital bed, this variable height feature is covered for the following conditions:. Medical condition requires features of a hospital bed (height adjustment, head and foot adjustments) or special attachments, which are not available for use with ordinary beds. These items are considered custodial care equipment but could be considered an option for a covered bed if medical necessity criteria is met.

hospital bed medical necessity 2As with many medical supplies, getting a hospital bed covered by Medicare is a detailed, sometimes arduous process. Having knowledge of the requirements well in advance of needing a hospital bed and working with an experienced supplier of durable medical equipment (DME) will increase your chances of getting coverage in a timely manner. – A hospital bed is covered if one or more of the following criteria (1-4) are met:. You have a medical condition which requires positioning of the body in ways not feasible with an ordinary bed. Medicare Part B pays for the rental of a hospital bed if prescribed by a doctor. Medicare a written request for approval, called a Certificate of Medical Necessity.

How To Get A Hospital Bed Covered By Medicare

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