House Of Cards Claire Wardrobe (DIY Project Download)

They say behind every great man is a great woman, but in House of Cards, a step ahead of every great man is an impeccably dressed Claire Underwood. House of Cards is back. We repeat back! The fourth season of the sitcom, celebrated for its dirty politics and loaded dialogue, is about to hit Netflix. Celebrate Robin Wright’s Birthday With These Flawless Claire Underwood Outfits. She’s not exactly someone you’d want to take relationship advice from, but House of Cards’ Claire Underwood is no doubt a boss when it comes to power dressing. Read on for a glimpse of her season four style and see her complete evolution from season one.

house of cards claire wardrobe 2Costume designer Kemal Harris dishes on Claire Underwood’s Season 3 look. Read on for a peek at what goes on behind the scenes in the show’s wardrobe department. At the end of last season, Claire walks out, and that final outfit was a nod back to our Season 1 and 2 Claire, says Harris. Claire Underwood in season four of House of Cards.

House of Cards Season 3 on Netflix: Find out what clothes Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) wore in episodes 1 and 2 (chapter 27 and 28). House of Cards fans, I have been noticing a big uptick on clicks on my pasts posts about Claire Underwood s (Robin Wright) season 2 clothes, and wanted to bring you the first of many (!) posts I intend to do about her wardrobe in season 3 right away. Thus, Harris enters the picture and takes over Claire’s wardrobe from Tom Broecker, who was costume designer for Season 1, and Johanna Argan who styled all characters during Season 2 and continues to style the rest of the cast in Season 3. Inside the Wardrobe of Television’s Most Stylish First Lady. House of Cards, the popular Netflix political series, is unfolding with equally nail-biting plot twists.

What To Know About Robin Wright’s House Of Cards Style

house of cards claire wardrobe 3Obsessed with series House Of Cards? Chances are, you’ve been crushing on Claire Underwood’s clothes, too. HELLO! Fashion Monthly meets Kamal Harris, the stylist behind Robin Wright’s red carpet looks, who jumped on board for the latest season. ‘House of Cards’ designer spills secrets of Claire’s killer first lady wardrobe. I made a concerted effort to avoid black in her wardrobe, but the camerawork and lighting on set does make everything seem a bit richer and darker than it is in real life. The impressive wardrobe of actress Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards has caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans and with the series returning to Netflix today, her wardrobe is set to get a very stylish makeover. House of Cards star Robin Wright Impeccable Styling. With Season Two now over, and the show being completely addictive, it’s not just the next lot of storylines we’re holding out for, it’s to drink up more of Claire Underwood’s understated wardrobe, and see how her look evolves through the White House. In Season 4 of the political thriller House of Cards, it’s an all out war at the White House when Claire (Robin Wright) turns against Francis in the middle of an election year. As hit series always do, the Netflix show House of Cards, which returns today with the release of its third season, has spawned a wide array of merchandise: t-shirts, mugs, digital paintings of its star, Kevin Spacey, and, of course, cards. If what you really want, however, are the main character Frank Underwood’s natty suits or his wife Claire.

House Of Cards Season 3 Fashion: What Claire Wore Chapter 27-28

See more about House Of Cards, Robin Wright and Season 2. Underwood House, House Of Cards, Claire Underwood, Work Wardrobe, Blue Turquoise, Navy Blue. Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, House of Cards. With a closet full of form-fitting dresses, Claire Underwood ditches accessories (aside from her House Majority Whip husband, Francis Underwood). Claire Underwood joins the ranks of this country’s most stylish first ladies. And Claire Underwood, never one to disappoint, maintains the track record as the newly inaugurated FLOTUS in House of Cards. House of Cards’ Francis Underwood may have stolen our hearts with his conniving stratagems and unforgettable one-liners about kittens becoming cats, but, as the saying goes, behind every great man stands a great woman. Her motives and razor focus translate to a wardrobe cut to kill with architectural design, sturdy fabrics and body conscious silhouettes.

Gieves & Hawke, for all his wardrobe and had it all tailored for him. Wardrobe drawn from ‘House of Cards’ being offered for sale. So yeah, if you’ve longed to dress just like Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood or Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, this is the place for you. Claire and Frank are so over the line in ‘House of Cards’ Season 4, the line is a dot to them. Claire’s wardrobe, however, is a lot of them – goals. Claire Underwood has redefined power dressing. The steely House of Cards character, played by Robin Wright, has always been a woman on top. But now that she’s (spoiler alert!) the wife of the vice president, Underwood is stepping out in a new wardrobe to announce her political strength.