How Deep Is Closet Shelving (DIY Project Download)

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Custom closet designs typically allocate 12 for hanging sections and shoe shelves. Closet shelves can house things like folded clothing, linens, shoes and purses. Knowing how EXPENSIVE custom closet shelving is, we decided to tackle it ourselves. Who needs a shelf that’s 2 feet deep when it could be TWO shelves! Measurements for your closet’s width, depth, return walls and size of the door opening will determine the kind of shelving and the extras you can add to the basic configuration of your closet.

how deep is closet shelving 2California Closets offers rooms full of storage solutions– including full walk-in closets. Take a look today!. Have you ever noticed how shallow many closet shelves are? That’s providing you have any shelves in your closet, at all. If you don’t have them, you might want to consider installing some. If your closet is going to have shelves above or below a hanging rod it makes sense that they will be the same as the hanging rod space, so that’s 2ft or 61cm. If you’re going to have shelves which inhabit their own space you have more of a choice of how deep the shelves are.

My shelves are all 12 inches deep, but that’s only because I didn’t have much space to make them deeper. Routing out a slot for shelves to make custom closet shelving. If so, will all standard closet rod brackets conform to this depth? The Deep Deluxe Closet Organizer Set includes six shelves, two vertical tower sides, two 72” garment bars, one 48” garment bar, six angle brackets, six garment bar J-Hooks, one assembly instructions / configuration guide and all hardware and fasteners.

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how deep is closet shelving 3Wondering what is considered the bare minimum closet depth. I’m a believer in custom closet designs, too (FHB 124), and I’d hesitate to total the time I’ve spent installing closet shelving or the miles of particleboard, mdf, and melamine I’ve cut. Unlike floor mounted closet systems, our closet organizers do not require you to cut around or alter the moldings in your closet. Shop our selection of Wood Closet Organizers in the Storage & Organization Department at The Home Depot. Design Your Own Closet. Deep Simplicity Closet System in Honey Maple. Once your shelves are inside the closet, start adding your 12 supports. Find great deals on eBay for Closet Shelves Wood in Closet and Wardrobe Organizers. All our closet organizers have a shelving depth of 14 inches (except for the Hutch closet organizer units which are 20 inches deep on the bottom and 14 inches deep on top).

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