How Do I Make A Bird Nesting Box (DIY Project Download)

how do i make a bird nesting box 1

Instructions for making a nestbox for small birds. If you’d like to attract nesting house sparrows, make the entrance hole to your nestbox 32 mm in diameter. A woodpecker box should be filled with a block of balsa wood, rotting log or wood chips woodpeckers like to excavate their own nesting cavities. Attract birds to your garden by creating a nest box for them to raise young in, in this simple step by step project, from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. Different bird species favour different types and locations of nesting sites, and so boxes must be constructed accordingly to meet these different needs. Dimensions need not be precise; make the box to suit the materials available rather than buying materials to match any given dimensions.

how do i make a bird nesting box 2How to make a safe, successful home for our feathered friends. Use this interactive tool to find out which birds are likely to nest in your region and habitat, and download the appropriate nest box plans. Setting up a nesting box in your yard can provide an essential nesting area for the members of many species of birds. Adding a nesting box to your habitat will not only benefit native bird species, it will also give you an opportunity to monitor and enjoy birds. It’s National Nest Box Weekin the U.K., at least. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a box statesidehere’s how.

With spring rapidly approaching, now is the ideal time to start thinking about nest boxes for your local birds. With this in mind we have put together some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about nest boxes covering where and when to put up your boxes, cleaning and maintenance as well as dealing with predators. There are instructions at the bottom of this page to make your own or you can purchase them here. You can also download my Nest Box Specifications PDF file that will give you the dimensions and information on all the cavity nesting species nest box sizes, entrance hole sizes and height to mount the boxes. Buy BTO Nest Box Guide from the Gifts & More range at Living with Birds. Nest boxes have always been a Jacobi Jayne speciality, and we pride ourselves on providing the widest range of quality nest boxes in Britain.


Make a home for our feathered friends to raise their young. This is a simple open fronted bird nesting box for small to medium sized birds such as song thrushes, (European) robins, wrens and flycatchers. Project Nest Box connects students with nature by supplying bird nest boxes made from 97 post-consumer recycled plastic, to K-12 schools across North America. Novelty bird nest boxes in unusual colours and designs could be dangerous for birds, the RSPB has warned. Mr Andrew of the RSPB said that bright colours could make nest boxes more obvious to animals like squirrels or cats, advising the more inconspicuous the better. Cavity-nesting birds like Tree Swallows, that can’t make their own cavities, usually face a shortage of nest sites. Tree Swallow nests have been found in large boxes meant for Purple Martins, Wood Ducks and Screech Owls, and in such unlikely spots as drain pipes, mailboxes and newspaper tubes (photo below by Laura Niang in Maryland).

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