How Many Does A 48 Inch Round Table Seat (DIY Project Download)

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The ideal table for 6 or 7 is a 48-inch round, because everyone is equally engaged in the conversation. If people are a little crowded it feels even more intimate. Why does the party always have to be in the dining room? I have too many people to seat them at a table. The 60 table would be to big for the space, we think the 48 will work. Does anyone have experience on how many could fit about a 54 vs.

how many does a 48 inch round table seat 2Instead, why not try seating 6-8 people at a 48 (120 cm) round table? People tend to take up a lot more chair space as they shift awkward for the servers to flow around so much traffic jam of chairs. Informal dining can take place on almost any surface, from coffee tables to TV trays. If you re not sure how much space you need for each place setting or how many guests your table can seat, take a look at the following guidelines:. Rectangular, 96 x 48 inches, Eight to ten. Wondering how many people fit at a banquet table? In order to maximize the amount of round banquet tables you can fit in a room, place them as illustrated in the picture to the right.

This calculator uses the following table dimensions. 30 x 48. 30 x 72. 30 x 96. 4 Foot Round. 5 Foot Round. How Many People Can Sit at the Table? 36-inch by 80-inch to 48-inch by 92-inch, Rectangle, 8 to 10. Here’s a picture of 8 people at one of our 60 inch tables. My location provides tables but they are only 48! We’re hoping to knock out one more table by seating 11 people at a few of our 72 inch rounds.

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Knowing how many chairs and people will comfortably fit at each table is an important part of party planning. Banquet Table Seating Capacity. When purchasing your commercial banquet tables from GROUP R, it’s important to understand how many people can comfortably be seated around the various tables that we offer. If using round banquet tables – devide the room area (square feet) by 10. Can’t find your table size below? Call us at (360) 707-2115 and we’ll help you find a table covering solution. When determining a table’s seating capacity, consider both the size of the people who will be using the table (adults take up more room than children, for starters) and the activity being performed. If you’re trying to fit younger kids around a table (ages 3 to 8), you can generally seat to maximum capacity. Try to leave about 54 inches between round tables, 60 inches between square tables and allow 48 inches for aisles. Most dining tables average 36 inches wide and vary from 30 inches to 48 inches. A 72 inch long rectangular table will comfortably seat six. A 36-48 inch round (diameter) table will comfortably seat four. The 72-inch round table seats up to 10 people. And even if you’re not serving a meal, adding a few 48-inch or 60-inch round tables to your space will give people a place to sit and visit.

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Are you seating people around a 72-inch round table? How many people can fit around the table? Despite its design specifications, a round table will fit as many people as you can squeeze around it, but realistically, you should follow etiquette rules. An expandable, 48-inch round table for four may be large enough to seat eight, depending on the expansion or leaf size; refer to the place-setting gauge for comfort confirmation. Here’s how many resin Chiavari chairs fit around a 48 inch round table:. Dining room table seating arrangements and more! A caution for the round table: If you have a large dining room, a large round table does make it difficult for guests to talk across the table.

Round tables encourage interaction between guests more than banquet tables, while banquet tables are more easily incorporated into space-restricted areas. Most elderly will need a place to sit comfortably for much of the night, and children can be seated ten to a table versus eight. At seated position, the tan folding chair is approximately 18 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 32 inches tall with a seat height of 18 inches. This chair is pictured below with eight at a 48 round table.