How Much Do Sharps Wardrobes Cost (DIY Project Download)

Do you mind telling me what yours cost? We got a quote for a whole bank of floor to ceiling wardrobes. We are considering a fitted wardrobe in the main bedroom but so far the only reference we’ve had is an advert from Sharps stating 0 available on minimum of 1500 spend. They won’t just give you a clear price and will try to get as much out of you as the possibly can. I had sharps wardrobe fitted in my room and it is still working almost been 5 months since i had it done and it still hasn’t gave me a probe. It is worth the price listen to me. Quote and invoice do not itemise prices. Only problem accounts tried to take too much out of my account and then I couldn’t contact them for 10 days over the Christmas period to correct the mistake.

how much do sharps wardrobes cost 2Im looking for the exact same thing, i dont know why it costs so much have you any builder friends who can source the wardrobes cheap and fit them for you, some builders can have accounts at places and get huge discounts. SWMBO got Sharps in the other day to quote for fitted cupboards along one wall. I couldn’t believe how much these built in wardrobes cost especially when they seem to be mostly made of the cheap foil wrapped chipboard so not even real wood. We did look at Hulsta since they do actually have real wood insides, but funny thing was I had to ask as it looked like melamine to me. The price will be determined on where you shop and comparisons from us will be pointless unless you’re also planning to buy from that store. B&Q offer their own brand of fitted wardrobes which look nice and have a decent range of styles and colours but I dont rate the quality very much and their internal fittings are a bit cheap and nasty. Sharps did a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table and desk for me for around 3k For the guarantee and ease of the whole thing I personally think it was very easily worth it, you may aswell get them in for a free survey if you don’t want to DIY.

Our fitted bedroom furniture & fitted wardrobes are designed to make the most of every inch of space. Put simply, all our furniture will be designed and fitted according to the space and shape of your room, your taste and your storage needs. Sharps Bedrooms: Over 197 independent user reviews summarized in the dooyoo conclusion. Assures me the entire thing will only take 2 days so will not be much inconvenience. Had to get the fitter to move a fitted wardrobe so that it allowed the bedroom door to fully open as allowed for on the plans. John lewis fitted bedroom service. Wardrobes delivered and installed for you. You will need Acrobat Reader in order to download this price guide. Click here for a free download.

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how much do sharps wardrobes cost 3I am often asked how I find so much to write about on the subject of Customer Experience. We have always been interested in the possibility of investing in built in wardrobes, but the cost has always made us think twice. Everything we do is made to measure, so problems such as tricky alcoves, sloping cellings or awkward corners simply aren’t an issue. Can anyone recommend good fitted bedroom companies? Had one of these round tonight two hours to measure up for a couple of wardrobes. 1st price 8 k. We ended up buying off the shelf from Ikea because they did two heights of carcass, the higher of which fitted much better into our higher ceilinged bedroom than the Sharps/Hammonds designs and they had a finish that we liked (oak veneer). When looking for fitted bedroom packages and installation costs, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, it is possible to fit as many clothes into 3 fitted wardrobes as you can in 5 freestanding wardrobes. They have many ranges of high quality fitted furniture which can also be equipped with the newest accessories and smart storage solutions. What is more, they do not hard sell and customers can even calculate an approximate cost for their wardrobes online. I would recommend joinerandy who posts on here, he’s a brill joiner and you couldn’t get better workmanship, i’m sure he’d be able to do your wardrobes to your exact requirements without the hyped-up prices that the big companies charge. Sharps are very well made but the price is just not competitive, they were asking for 3. I love my sliding wardrobes, they really transform the room and save so much space for the amount of storage you get:). Makeup – how much is too much? Now I have decided to have wardrobes fitted in 2nd bedroom.

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How to use standard IKEA PAX wardrobe frames and doors along with some extra timber framework to create that traditional custom fitted wardrobe look. We both like the traditional bespoke hand painted look but to commission a 3.6meter stretch of handmade wardrobes would have cost a fortune so I decided to tackle this project myself, with the help of Ikea and PAX. The whole idea was that if we decided we didn’t like it in five years’ time, the whole thing could be removed without much impact on the room.