How Much To Resurface Kitchen Cabinets (DIY Project Download)

What Refacing Costs How much you pay for refacing depends on the size of your kitchen, the materials you choose and how many options you elect to include. How much refacing kitchen cabinets should cost. Home Depot quoted us 25k to reface our current 42in cabinets, add new island and countertops(granite). Average cost to apply kitchen cabinet refacing is about 4000 (200 square feet). Find here detailed information about custom cabinet refacing costs.

how much to resurface kitchen cabinets 2Cabinet Refacing transforms your kitchen or bathroom from outdated to outstanding with less mess and less hassle. If you like the current layout of your kitchen or just prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of remodeling, cabinet refacing offers the perfect solution. I had numerous calls to keep me updated on progress to install kitchen resurface. See more about Cabinet Refacing Cost, Budget Kitchen Remodel and Kitchen Cabinets. Refacing is a surface change, much like painting your car or buying a set of new clothing.

Reface your kitchen cabinets to update your kitchen without remodeling’s costs or challenges. But, when you have a kitchen remodel on tap and/or your kitchen cabinets are inexpensive, poorly constructed, or damaged, refacing is not a cost-effective option. We’re asking readers to share how much they spent on a given item, project, or upgrade in the kitchen. I used the Rust-Oleum cabinet refinishing kit from Home Depot. Professional Cabinet Refacing Costs 50 Less Than Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling. We’re not like those other companies, where a slick salesman shows up at your house, gives a three hour presentation, starts his or her quote at double or triple the price it should be, creates bogus discounts, and tries to high-pressure you into paying ridiculously high prices. Refinishing your Kitchen Cabinets: Is it worth the effort?

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how much to resurface kitchen cabinets 3Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen because they create a mood, set a style and also have functionality. It does not take long before a kitchen can begin to look worn out. Learn the estimated costs to reface kitchen cabinets and who can hire to reface your kitchen cabinets. Learn all about kitchen cabinet refinishing and refacing costs. Read general cabinet refacing prices, tips and get free cabinet refinishing estimates. When you reface your kitchen cabinets, you remove the doors, apply a thin veneer of plastic laminate or natural wood to the exposed frames, then replace the doors, as well as the knobs, hinges, and other hardware. Why choose new cabinets if they cost nearly twice as much as refacing your existing kitchen cabinets? They’re just a better value: you simply get more for your money with new kitchen cabinets. Watch the video – Order a collection – Reface your kitchen cabinets!

How Much Does It Cost To Reface Kitchen Cabinets?