How Much To Reupholster An Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

An easy, no-sew way to recover a storage ottoman! Don’t throw it out – recover it!. Do you remember how much fabric (by yard) you needed to reupholster this? How to reupholster an ottoman in six easy steps. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric before stapling the corners in place to avoid too much fabric bulk. DIY Reupholstered Ottoman (and all the mistakes along the way). Fast forward 4 grandkids and a dog later and there are definite signs of too much fun.

how much to reupholster an ottoman 2Measure the width and length of the top of your ottoman, so you know how much fabric you need to cover it. Add a few inches to each side of your measurements to leave enough room for the upholstery foam and because the fabric will wrap inside the ottoman as well as beneath it on its base. Often, the fabric covering an ottoman can wear out long before the more durable structure of wood and metal. If You Are Flipping a House, How Do You Determine How Much to Charge? This is so much easier than the way I would have done it!

I recently recovered an ottoman with new fabric with a completely no-sew method! Wow. Love it so much! Step 2: Remove all of the fabric from the ottoman. I didn’t realize how much work this would be! That fabric is quite secure with tons of staples. How to reupholster an ottoman and how to make a tufted ottoman.

How To Upholster A Hinged-top Ottoman

I had never attempted reupholstering anything before, so with a little trepidation, I forged ahead. The total cost (including the price of the original ottoman) was only 137. Ottoman makeover, reupholster a storage ottoman. Many instructions will tell you to remove the existing fabric, however, I was a little nervous about how it would turn out so I left the faux leather just in case I messed up. How to make and upholster ottomans different styles. If your top is much higher than this one you’ll need to either hand sew or sew the corners on a sewing machine so that people can’t get their fingers in the gap. Remove the current fabric from your ottoman. Prepare yourself, this will be a long process. There were so many staples!!! I used a flathead screw driver to remove the staples, the thinner the tip the better. Thinking about reupholstering a worn-out piece of furniture? Take a look at these tips to make the process simple and easy. Ask to borrow a bolt or a large hanging sample to cover as much of the piece as possible. Live with it for a few days before making your decision. Thank you so much for all the kind comments and thoughts in regard to my father-in-law’s sudden death last week.


You can do this too, or just upholster straight to the coffee table. 6. Spray glue on the bottom of the foam and top of the coffee table/plywood and stick the foam down. Do you have any idea about how much this project would cost? I have a coffee table I could use. When I reupholstered the ottoman to go with it, I ran out of steam in taking pictures and documenting the process– I was so ready to just. (The picture does a much better job of showing what I mean). 5. So I decided to tuft my ottoman. It’s really much easier than you may think. This is the same ottoman that we found on the side of the road about five years ago. And it’s not that we spent two hours in a fabric store. That’s anything but amazing, although how much I aged in those two hours was pretty impressive.

There are many different sizes, colours and designs of fabric covered ottomans here and the main question is which one is best for you?. How to reupholster a storage ottoman from leather to fabric. Bench or ottoman: You may only need a few yards of fabric, depending on the repeat. I figured that if I mess it up, I won’t be losing much because the chairs were free.