How Often Clean Chicken Coop (DIY Project Download)

Hi! This is our first year with chickens. Our coop is approximately 5′ wide by 15′ long by 10′ high. I’m curious with about 12 chickens, how often is it recommended. I keep hearing the ACV is good for worming for the chicken too. how much and how often do I put this in there water I have a fear one of my ladies may have worms but not really sure the eggs have been coming out with spots but doesnt look like poo can I just dont this as a precaution?. I don’t clean my chicken coop but 3 or 4 times a year. Waters are out side and the get cleaned more often with vinegar. feeder are also out in the yard and don’t require much cleaning.

how often clean chicken coop 2Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Me neither. I still like to do a spring cleaning with vinegar every so often, though. Shelley says. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean a chicken coop, based on your location, housing and the number of birds you keep. There is plenty of information about keeping a chicken coop clean, but what if the healthiest way to keep chickens didn’t involve the daily or even weekly.

Cleaning the chicken coop doesn’t have to be a chore. How often to clean the chicken coop – posted in Country Homesteading: I have read so many differing opinions, I thought Id ask the ladies (and men?) that I trust most on the online community. Owners of coops using these methods fully clean out their chicken coops once a year or even less often. Even conventional coops don’t need much cleaning, however.

How To Clean And Disinfect A Chicken Coop

how often clean chicken coop 3So remove their droppings often to keep moisture from building up in the air, which can irritate your chickens lungs and cause frostbite on feet and combs. It’s not too hard to keep the coop clean and fresh, if you do a little bit of cleaning every few days. The chickens walking around and scratching is ususally enough to turn the deep litter often. (How often you’ll have to clean depends on how many chickens you’re keeping in how much space.) It’s pretty straightforward; you more or less clean it like a cat litter box. It is important you keep your chicken coop clean not only for the health and happiness of your chickens, but also because a dirty coop will encourage disease, flies and pests such as rats. How often you clean your coop may depend on your environment and your chickens! Some chickens tend to throw their food around more than others!. HGTV Gardens offers tips for keeping a chicken coop clean on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

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