How To Add Crown Molding To A Bookcase (DIY Project Download)

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Spice up your bookshelves with crown molding using this easy DIY tutorial!. Once the shelves were securely attached, hubby measured and cut pieces of crown molding for the fronts and sides of each unit, designing the molding so the sides would end flush with the wall. Simple and inexpensive techniques for adding trim, molding and faux paneling to cabinetry that lacks detail and interest. You can disguise the Billy bookcase’s particle-board appearance by adding crown molding around the top, making the bookcase look similar to its more expensive cousins.

how to add crown molding to a bookcase 2Bookcases, kitchen cabinets and doorways can also get a makeover by adding some crown molding. To learn how to add crown molding around your home, read these 24 blog entries. Now we will have something solid to nail the crown molding on. Adding this crown moulding also made the bookcase even taller bonus!

We mimicked some things we’d done in the past, adding crown like with this set of Billys and baseboard like with these Billys and thicker trim like with these custom built-ins in our family room to make the shelves appear thicker and more substantial. The look great! We have built-ins in the family room and it’s definitely in the plans to add crown to them and bring them up to date. Shop for bookcases with crown molding on the official Ballard Designs website. Reeded detail and heavy crown molding add to the rich antique feel. Center Bookcase features one fixed shelf, three adjustable shelves and adjustable levelers.

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how to add crown molding to a bookcase 3To mount the bookcases to the wall I located the wall studs and secured four 2x4s to the wall horizontally. The crown molding wasn’t too hard to find a replica. After all the cabinetry was securely in place I added the trim, attaching it with an 18 gage brad nailer. To finish off the tops, we added some crown molding which was much easier than we anticipated. Billy bookcases from IKEA and adding some crown and baseboards to them. Crown molding shelves add a distinctive architectural element to any decor while providing a versatile, flexible display for photos, framed art and collectibles. It can also be expanded by adding standards (the upright partitions; see Fig. Now to finish the bookcase at the ceiling, miter the crown molding and nail it in place as shown in Photo 16. In this entry, originally published March 27, 2010, I am adding crown molding to the upper section of the bookcase. I agonize over certain steps of my projects. Bookcases – Bookcases, or any shelving for that matter, can be transformed into a state of elegance by surrounding shelves with crown molding and adding molding to the top and bottom of the case.

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Then, we added crown molding to the top of the bookcases. This also really helps make the three bookcases become one large wall of bookcases. Adding the trim pieces between the bookshelves After all of the trim was up, we just had to caulk and touch up in a couple of places. So here’s how we install crown molding when we want it to look professional:We call my dad and beg for his help. I spent a couple of days adding crown molding to the top of a bookcase! Mike s simple design allowed him to mill the trim on site with the same tools he used for the rest of the job, adding only his homemade router table to cut the profile.