How To Anchor A Swing Set To The Ground (DIY Project Download)

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Because the legs connect to the anchors with chains, the swing set can still move around a bit. However, a swing set that isn’t installed properly could mean the difference between a fun afternoon and a backyard disaster. Ground anchors are the key to keeping the set from shifting around in the soil or even lifting and overturning. The Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Kit is designed to reinforce your Play Set’s stability and keep it anchored to the ground. These anchors are engineered to be twisted into the ground around the playset and then attached to the uprights.

how to anchor a swing set without concrete 2Add a swingset anchoring system to keep your equipment firmly on the ground and help protect your kids. Pour the concrete into each hole until the concrete is level with the ground. Swing sets can be dangerous, however, if they are not installed and anchored correctly. There are two methods to secure a swing set to the ground. Do we HAVE to cement it into the ground, or can they be anchored in some way? If you’ve anchored it, could you tell me how. 3)Drive pieces into ground on same angle as swing set legs, leaving 8 inches exposed above ground.

Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit – Add peace of mind to your swing set this summer with this simple Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit. Easy instructions are included to show you how to fasten. This swing set hardware has an attractive silver color that is pleasing to the eye, and adds to its amazing aesthetic style. The Ground Anchors from Flexible Flyer are made from premium caliber zinc that serves to provide it with lasting strength and phenomenal durability, ensuring a long lifespan and giving the user years of safe and dependable service. Secure your metal swing set to the ground with the heavy duty Swing Set Ground Anchors. It is made from steel, it’s easy to assemble and includse a leg anchor kit.

How To Anchor A Swingset

Also do the wooden swingsets and playstructures need to be anchored to the ground the way the metal swingsets do? We have no yard and my son is in love with climbing. The best way to anchor a swing set to the ground is with these Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Ground Anchors. Durable steel anchors are powder coated to last a long time. Swing set ground anchors used to anchor a swing set or fort legs to the ground. Provides a stable structure and play area for your kids to play on. Set of 4 Ground Anchors 520mm Galvanised Swing Trampolines Climbing Frames Heavy. 4 Set floor anchor ground anchor XXtra long 85 cm play tower swing galvanized. Buy our Anchor-It Kit and get Free Shipping on orders over 99! See our large selection of swing set parts at guaranteed low prices. KETTLER metal swing sets are durable and safe giving parents peace of mind when their children are playing. Ground anchors included; Recommended ages are 3 years and up.

Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit