How To Anchor A Swing Set With Concrete (DIY Project Download)

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In this blog we focus on anchoring play and swing sets with ground anchors. For anchoring without concrete, twist-in ground anchors are very suitable. Because the legs connect to the anchors with chains, the swing set can still move around a bit. I bought these anchors so that I would not have to concrete in our new swing set. As a parent, your main concern is that the swing set is safe. The safest way to set up a metal swing set is to anchor the legs in concrete. Swing sets simply set on the ground will rock back and forth, especially when more than one child is swinging at a time.

how to anchor a swing set with concrete 2A. Anchors are not included with the purchase of your swing set. We recommend you use concrete to secure each leg of the swing set making sure to bury the concrete so that it is completely covered under ground. I already built a pretty serious swing set a few years back because I was unable to find–even in the very expensive ones made of wood–anything up to snuff. Sink the posts in the ground, use concrete to stabilize them and build a quality fort. If burying it is out of the question, at least anchor it with screw in type rods and attach them firmly to the inside of the posts. I just bought a wooden swingset for the kids this weekend and I’m going to be putting it together by myself. I made sure my concrete ended an inch below the level of the turf to allow it to grow over. My childhood swingset had 2 u-shaped rods that anchored it on the swing side (the side opposite the playhouse.

Whatever you do, do not simply plonk your new swing set onto concrete or asphalt. If you install your swing set yourself, make certain that you follow the instructions about how to anchor your set. This is a short but specific guide Anchor a Swing Set – Check out these helpful tips on how you can properly anchor a swing set. (310) 955 – 4042 Dig holes where you want to anchor it, put the legs of the swing set in these holes and fill with concrete. Dozens of different designs are available, from a basic swingset and slide to elaborate, multilevel play areas with numerous extra features. -deep posthole, fill it with concrete, and set the anchor in that.

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how to anchor a swing set with concrete 3Secure your metal swing set to the ground with the heavy duty Swing Set Ground Anchors. We have hard pack and then cleechie (escientially concrete) soil. Over time, the swing set, even with the PVC caps, pushed its way further into the ground, so I ended up needing to drill a couple more holes up each leg to keep the turnbuckles tight. I googled mobile home auger anchors and got  They look like what I got. How Much Concrete Do I Need To Use Per Each Leg Of A Metal Swing Set? Some suppliers recommend a concrete base for your wooden play equipment, others don’t. However, for larger playhouses, especially those which sit off the ground, and particularly for climbing frames and swing sets, this is not recommended.

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