How To Anchor A Swing Set Without Concrete (DIY Project Download)

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Concrete anchors are the most secure, but if you’re installing the swing above packed ground, you could use. Anchoring a playset or swing set is very important to assure a health and safety play environment. For anchoring without concrete, twist-in ground anchors are very suitable. Just one set of 4 anchors are holding down a 6 leg swing set without movement. I bought these anchors so that I would not have to concrete in our new swing set.

how to anchor a swing set without concrete 2Anchor bases also allow you to move the swing set without having to cut the legs. Be sure to cover any concrete with adequate ground cover material or padding for safety. Add a swingset anchoring system to keep your equipment firmly on the ground and help protect your kids. Allow the concrete to dry overnight, or as directed on the package. Some suppliers recommend a concrete base for your wooden play equipment, others don’t. However, for larger playhouses, especially those which sit off the ground, and particularly for climbing frames and swing sets, this is not recommended. Ground anchors set directly into earth have the potential to work loose over time.

The most secure anchoring system involves concrete footings. Study your backyard to determine the best place for the swing set. Select an area that is fairly flat and doesn’t flood during heavy rains. Read all 4 responses: We are getting a metal swing set. Do we HAVE to cement it into the ground, or can they be anchored in some way? Over time, the swing set, even with the PVC caps, pushed its way further into the ground, so I ended up needing to drill a couple more holes up each leg to keep the turnbuckles tight. I googled mobile home auger anchors and got They look like what I got. Without concrete in legs?

The Best Ways To Brace Wooden Swing Sets

I already built a pretty serious swing set a few years back because I was unable to find–even in the very expensive ones made of wood–anything up to snuff. As it is right now though I can go across it without issue and I weigh the same as several small children. Sink the posts in the ground, use concrete to stabilize them and build a quality fort. If burying it is out of the question, at least anchor it with screw in type rods and attach them firmly to the inside of the posts. The standard way of anchoring a swing set to the ground is shown here. It requires using concrete otherwise the legs of the swing set frame will unevenly go. Ground Anchor Kit for Metal Frame Swing Sets, Flexible Flyer, New, Free Shipping. View DetailsProduct Details:This Ground Anchor Kit allows you to safely anchor your metal frame play set into the ground–without concrete for greater stability and durability. Product Information:This Ground Anchor Kit allows you to safely anchor your metal frame play set into the ground–without concrete for greater stability and durability. Dozens of different designs are available, from a basic swingset and slide to elaborate, multilevel play areas with numerous extra features. Most playground systems are designed to be installed with poured concrete footings, but in some cases you may be able to get by with simply anchoring the posts. This step is easier if you tilt the structure backwards to the groundbut don’t try this without a helper. Bolt the anchor to the structure with 38 112 lag screws. I want to anchor my new swingset with concrete footings. It’s a commercial grade set for my backyard. I’ve dug 4 holes (2′ deep, 2′ diameter). I’ve inserted the legs in the holes and have leveled the swingset.

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I’m going to pour some concrete to anchor a swing set. That is, adding rocks to an already-blended mixture of concrete will reduce its strength over the same mix without the rocks. Anchoring a metal swing set begins with setting the constructed swing set on the area that you desire. Make a concrete mixture, and fill the dug holes. Place each support post into the holes, and allow the concrete to dry before covering with soil. KETTLER metal swing sets are durable and safe giving parents peace of mind when their children are playing. We recommend you anchor your swing set in concrete. Make certain that all anchoring devices, including concrete, are placed below ground level to insure a safe playing area.

I just bought a wooden swingset for the kids this weekend and I’m going to be putting it together by myself. I made sure my concrete ended an inch below the level of the turf to allow it to grow over. We put together a set about the same size as yours and the weight of it keeps it anchored quite nicely without any help at all.