How To Anchor A Wooden Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

When installing any swing set, you should anchor the equipment into the ground to prevent it from flipping over while in use. Nearly any type of soft ground will work for this method, and you can use this method with wooden and metal swing sets. Our ground anchors ensure these safe conditions. Next to safety during game play, the wooden playset or swing set should remain in place during strong gusts. It’s possible to anchor wooden swing sets to concrete footings or piers in the ground, but it’s best to set an anchor base into the concrete, then mount the leg to the anchor.

how to anchor a wooden swing set 2How to Anchor a Wooden Swing Set. Installing a swing set to your back yard is a great way to add a fun to your home’s environment. A crucial part of installing a swing set is anchoring it to the ground. Swingsets allow your kids to enjoy a high-flying workout. Add a swingset anchoring system to keep your equipment firmly on the ground and help protect your kids. Add safety and security to your family’s outdoor play area with these Flexible Flyer All-Purpose Ground Anchors.

The Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Kit is designed to reinforce your Play Set’s stability and keep it anchored to the ground. It had originally come equiped with wooden stakes that screwed to the playset after they were driven into the ground with a sledgehammer. We have had parties with 7-8 kids swing at a time. IT DOES NOT BUDGE!. Find great deals on eBay for Swing Anchor in Outdoor Swings. Set of 4 Ground Anchors 520mm Galvanised Swing Trampolines Climbing Frames Heavy.

How To Anchor A Wooden Swing Set

how to anchor a wooden swing set 3I just bought a wooden swingset for the kids this weekend and I’m going to be putting it together by myself. I’m not sure what your instructions say about anchoring your swingset. Backyard Discovery Saratoga All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set. Because this set is very heavy, anchoring is not required, but some owners choose to anchor the legs for extra security. Some suppliers recommend a concrete base for your wooden play equipment, others don’t. However, for larger playhouses, especially those which sit off the ground, and particularly for climbing frames and swing sets, this is not recommended. The second option is to use some kind of ground anchor inserted directly into the earth. Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit – Add peace of mind to your swing set this summer with this simple Swing Set Ground Anchor Kit. Worked on wood play set as well as the metal designed for. The Oakmont Wooden Swing Set has some really neat features that make it great for smaller yards but keep the kids playing all day long. On most any spring or summer day, children will be playing on swing sets in neighborhoods across the country. Swing sets can give hours of enjoyment and recreat See more about Metal Swing Sets, Swing Sets and Anchors.

Swing-n-slide Playsets Anchor-it Ground Anchors Kit-ne 4521

Duckbill Earth Anchors Introduction Video, Outdoor Playset Installation and Safety Tips, How to Level a Yard for Playset Installation, Securing Swing Set with Toci Ground Anchor, Anchoring a children’s swingset with Toci Ground Anchor, Swing set XXL 5 children – Metal frame activity center, Plum Products Colobus Triple Swing Set, Do Not Buy A Wooden Swing Set Without Knowing THESE First!, Plum Wooden Single Swing, swing set install Do it yourself. The Cedarbrook Premium Wooden Swing set from Big Backyard is an incredible value that will put smiles on the faces of your children and their friends. Like all Big Backyard swing sets, the Cedarbrook provides children with a safe environment on which to play, explore adventurous possibilities and enjoy endless hours of fun and exercise! While your children will enjoy playing on their new swing set, parents will appreciate the craftsmanship and devotion to detail that make a Big Backyard Swing set look great in your yard. These swing set leg anchors come in a convenient set of four that includes all necessary hardware. They can be used with flexible flyer swing sets or other brand steel-leg swing sets. Buy Plum Vervet Wooden Garden Swing Set at, visit to shop online for Swings. All hardware supplied for installation including ground anchors for concreting into the ground.

This wooden swing-set kit comes complete with 2 slides, 2 swings, 3 play decks, and a climbing wall, providing endless possibilities for active and creative play.