How To Arrange A Bookcase (DIY Project Download)

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Today your beautiful home deserves bookcases that showcase your personal style with their organized arrangements of books, collectibles, and pieces of art. The bookcase will look more striking if the backdrop is darker than the surrounding walls and shelves. Consider painting the back of the bookshelves to create this vivid effect. Arrange some of your books in stacks. Most of us put books into shelves vertically with the spines facing outward.

how to arrange a bookcase 2You can arrange them chromatically across a whole bookshelf or arrange them in color blocks. Arrange your treasures so they say homey, not hoarder, with these step-by-step tips for organizing your books. Empty them out: Start by pulling everything off the shelves, then sort books by subject, size, or color, suggests Loi Thai, who owns the Bethesda, Maryland, antiques shop Tone on Tone and shared his ideas in the Washington Post. So if you too have a bookcase, or even a shelf with books at home, take note. This is very true, and you don’t really consider the different ways to arrange books until you’re in the thick of it.

Designer Scot Meacham Wood shares his best advice for decorating a bookshelf. You can arrange them chromatically across a whole bookshelf or arrange them in color blocks. And you can have shelves where you alternate chunks of black and white so it looks like stripes. Discover our bookshelf design ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. The bedroom design of your dreams? It might just be here.

Organizing And Arranging Bookshelves

How to Arrange and Decorate a Bookshelf. Interior designer Suzanne Kasler’s tried-and-true tips are sure to improve your shelfie game. Shop and save money on bookshelf decor at You can arrange your books by color to make a strong, visual statement or by subject, so they’re easier to locate. Who among us hasn’t, at moments of crisis, turned out our shelves after an exam or a breakup in an effort to reflect the shift in our internal weather? As a form of mental detox, you can’t beat it: the only disappointment in Purnell’s case is the new system he has adopted: the arrangement of his books in alphabetical order by author, from former colleague Lord Adonis to Emile Zola. You just arrange your books in accordance with the numbering system of the library from which you nicked them. So you want to mix things up and reorganize your bookshelf but you aren’t sure how? We’re here to help you!. Colour, I used to love re organizing my book shelf but as my book shelf gets more full I realize how difficult it is. We often find ourselves looking at the books on your shelves proudly, like they’re our friends. From arranging your books in colour order to stacking them in unusual ways, we look at ten exciting displays that prove, organising your books doesn’t have to be as uniform as the alphabet. Bookcases can be a blessing and a curse to the overall design of a room. A blessing because, when done properly, will add beauty and comfort to a room.

How To Decorate Bookshelves