How To Attach Items In A Military Shadow Box (DIY Project Download)

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Great idea for some of the stuff I have from my great grandparents! An old frame turned into a shadow box of memories, what a great way to display a lot of small mementos!. By first laying out your medals, patches and other items to include, you will have a more exact idea of the size of display case to buy. How to Layout & Mount Military Medal Shadowbox Display Case. I am starting my wife’s military shadow box. She just got out of the Air Force after 12 years 2 weeks ago. It is super good for stuff like this. You said you use the super glue gel do you use that to attach the fabric to the 1/4 mdf as well or just the ribbons to the fabric?

how to attach items in a military shadow box 2Display them with pride in a shadow box with a photograph of the decorated warrior, in uniform or at the finish line. For heavier items, such as medals, glue a thin piece of foam or cork to the backing before covering it with velvet, linen, scrapbook paper or handmade paper. Military medals are worn and displayed according to protocol, and you can use this as a way to organize a number of medals and patches. I know there are special items that can be used in shadow boxes. Why buy a military shadowbox for you or someone else?

But this makes it a ‘shadow box’ our of a cheaper picture frame. This may not work for anyone other than US military, as I don’t know how your insignia is made. What im trying to find out is the best way to attach te medal to the back of the frame without damaging the ribbon?. Yeah, I find that good ol’ ryker cases do the trick, cheap, hold the pieces in place, can pin the items onto the foam itself, and are easily converted to hanging fixtures. A shadow box is a great idea and they come with pins to help you keep light things in place,but what do we do about the heavy things? Visions of epoxy and other adhesives might be running through your head but these can permanently ruin your pieces if you ever wanted to display them differently or destroy their value do the road. How to display keepsakes in a shadow box without gluing them down. Now decide the best place to put your string to hold the items on. Step 1 Choose the items you want to display The best shadow boxes revolve around a theme, so choose items that relate to each other. Without attaching them, arrange the items until you’ve got a layout you like.

How To Mount Medals And Photos In A Shadow Box

how to attach items in a military shadow box 3Deciding what goes into a military shadow box requires a great deal of thought, so many people. You can purchase some of these items if your veteran no longer has them, as the medals should figure prominently inside the shadow box. The beauty of using a shadow box to display items is that it looks neat and finished when hung on a wall or placed on a shelf. Use a craft glue or a spray adhesive to attach the paper to the backing. A shadow box is created by fastening the objects onto a backing board and placing them in the frame behind glass. Arrangements of military awards is popular when retiring from service. There are many different ways to attach your items to the backing. We ended up finding this retired military guy who does this as a hobby for people, and we paid him 40 to set everything in the shadow box! I was so afraid of using the wrong glues, too much glues, or not having things lined up. Got stuff you treasure, but don’t quite know what to do with? They made shadow boxes -little tableaux put into display cases. You will be able to attach paper and light things to the fabric with glue or pins. Military Models Political Buttons Rail Road Sports Stamps Toys Watches/Instruments Weird & Wonderful. Discover shadow box display cases for military medals, jerseys, and collectibles from Displays2go! Wall mounting frames are for retail or home use.

How To Mount Medals Into Hanging Frames

3-dimensional objects of sentimental value are often worthy of framing, and as any framer can tell you, customers bring them in more often than you think. Mounting 3-dimensional objects for picture framing can be challenging, but when you know the secrets of object box framing, the whole enterprise gets much easier. A number of methods can be used to secure items in a shadow box, including double-sided tape, pins, hot glue, wires, putty and hooks. Putty can be used to attach flat items to the back of the box, but it too forms a weak attachment and should be used for light-weight items. Shadow boxes, or glass-fronted displays with thematically or artistically arranged objects, are used by the military to display awards, medals and badges earned throughout a career. Get unique ideas for military shadow boxes of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and USCG here. If you don’t see something that fits your exact needs, then please contact us and we would love to design you a custom layout exclusive to your items at no additional charge. One of two Military Shadow Boxes created for a family honoring the grandfather who survived being a prisoner of war in WWll and the correspondence saved by his mother and wife. Tom uses expert knowledge in the art of attaching all these items in the proper way to preserve and avoid their damage.

A shadowbox is appropriate for displaying three-dimensional objects, whereas a picture frame can only hold a flat picture. When buying a shadowbox, look for one that comes with a Velcro-friendly backing material and a sticky-back Velcro strip for attaching the objects to be displayed. Most ready-made military shadow boxes have the Velcro backing. Football related items make excellent candidates for shadow boxes! We offer a full Shadow Box mounting service if you are unable to mount your items. We do not sell medals or ribbons. If you do not know where to purchase them from we will gladly provide you with some vendor names for you. Buy military shadow box at and This unique design is space saving and includes a sticky-back Velcro strip for attaching your items.