How To Beat Shy Guy Toy Box In Paper Mario (DIY Project Download)

Shy Guy’s Toy Box is the home of the Shy Guys in Paper Mario, and found in an empty house in Toad Town. Bombette, Parakarry and Lady Bow defeat the Big Lantern Ghost, she joins their team. A Shy-Guy will appear and thinking everything is safe will reveal a secret door that leads to Shy-Guy Toy Box’s Entrance. Advice on beating the eletric Bloober, Massive Bloober and Huff And Puff? Hit the boxes in almost any other order, and four Shy Guys will pop out. Go southeast and return to reset the blocks. Defeat it to get it, but you can’t read it. To the right is the slot machine.

how to beat shy guy toy box in paper mario 2After you beat him, take random exits until you reach the sign that points you to Toad Town. General Guy is the leader of the Shy Guy clan in Chapter 4 of Paper Mario. He is also a follower of Bowser, and guards the fourth Star Spirit. Game(s). Paper mario logo. Location(s), Shy Guy’s Toy Box. That should help you out, i didn’t know this until after I beat him lol. The first time i met Anti-Guy, in Shy Guys Toy Box i had no idea what to do, so I fought him for whatever was in the chest.

When your inside Shy Guys Toybox, you will end up going against a monster with a lantern. Once you beat him, break open the lantern, and out will come Watt! (2) Got from trading with Merlow Deep Focus (3) Peach’s Castle Shy Guys Toy Box HP Plus (3) Behind Kooper’s house Bought from Rowf Forever Forest FP Plus (3) Before Koopa Bros. Paper Mario Hints. When you are in Shy Guys Toy box, goto the red station. First get the Ultra Boots(Super Boots might also work) then go to Mario’s house and into the back room with the beds.

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how to beat shy guy toy box in paper mario 3I use a Peril Mario strategy, which means I get the Mega Rush badge and try to keep mario in Peril (1 HP) as much as possible. I defeat the Red Goomba first in the Goomba Bros. battle because I have the FP for power jump twice and can defeat him quickly. I use the Honey Syrup in Shy Guy’s Toybox, some nifty planning ahead there. Goombario: Hey look Mario, there are some Shy Guys, stealing people’s stuff. The heroes then were in the Toy Box and noticed it’s huge size. The heroes explored Blue Station and came across a treasure chest that had the Storeroom Key that belongs to Harry T, and they beat up a Shy Guy that was carrying the Calculator that belongs to Rowf. Check your fuel and hold on tight because we’re going beat the aliens! Shy Guy’s Toy Box is an oval area with four stations. Since it only costs two points, Mario, Ed, and Eddy decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissor. This category is for questions and answers related to Paper Mario (N64), as asked by users of FunTrivia. Found near the Blue Station in Shy Guy’s Toy Box, we can attack some of the Shy Guys running around a large room to claim the Cake Mix as a reward. What is the name of the boss you have to defeat in the second chapter? The first game in the Paper Mario series, titled Paper Mario (but called Paper Mario 64 for the sake of differentiation), released for the Nintendo 64 in. In Chapter 4, the Anti-Guy guards a chest with a powerful badge; you can either beat him or bribe him with his Trademark Favorite Food (it must be cooked, and although the ingredients are easy to obtain, no recipe for Lemon Candy is ever given). Fighting a Koopatrol and Hammer Bro. in Shy Guy’s Toy Box is also possible, and nets you some decent experience. Paper Mario Cheats For Nintendo 64. Anti-Guy, the super powerful Shy Guy found in Shy Guy’s Toy Box, can be a very difficult fight. To skip fighting him and get the chest he is guarding (containing an attack power+ badge), you can bring him a Lemon Candy.

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