How To Build A Basement Closet (DIY Project Download)

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How to Build a Basement Closet for a bedroom. Photo tutorial explaining how to layout the layout and and frame the walls on a concrete floor. Here she shows us how to build a closet to maximize your storage space. THE SOLUTION: I recently finished a bathroom in our basement next to our bedroom and left a space just outside the bathroom with the intention of turning it into a closet. Follow these steps to build a closet under your basement steps.

how to build a basement closet 2Build a Closet into the Space of an Existing Alcove by Adding Simple Framing and Doors. Yet, construction pros suggest that it s possible to create a clothing-friendly storage closet in a basement with intelligent planning and careful selection. When framing your basement walls you will need to account for doors. In fact for some places like closets – it may be part of the building code that they be able to be opened from the inside.

Using 2-foot and 6-foot level, transfer the position of the overhead beam down to the basement floor. Make a plumb mark onto the floor at each end of the beam. The process is little different than creating a frame for any other floor of the home, except for the difficulty of attaching the closet floor to the concrete slab of the basement floor, and the need to. To ride out tornadoes, people often head to the basement or an interior room, such as a closet or bathroom. Sometimes bathtubs and couch cushions provide the necessary shelter to get through the storm.

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A home theater is a desirable option for a basement remodel. If you’re creating a finished space where one does not currently exist, check with town hall to see if you need any permits. We like to put an equipment rack in a nearby closet or storage area. And I’ve built what I think is a bedroom in the basement. I couldn’t find a solid source that says a closet is Required, to make a room a bedroom. Installing a closet in a room without one can increase the utility and make the distinction between a bedroom and regular room. The average cost to build a closet runs around 1800, but there are a lot of factors that contribute to the price. Building a basement storage room with built-in shelving is a great way to organize your home. Storage rooms are in high demand these days to store season and kids stuff. More on Basements, Closets & Storage, Insulation. I’m at the beginning stages of building a new house which will include an unfinished basement. I have a 42U Dell rack that is going in that basement. I would install 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch plywood inside the closet in lieu of drywall. Basement cedar closets built against foundation walls need to include high quality vapor barriers.

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Five New Yorkers enlighten us on which is best: more closet space in the bedroom or a separate unit in the building’s basement. Are you planning on finishing your basement and adding a few bedrooms?.