How To Build A Countertop Desk (DIY Project Download)

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So ever since i finished remodeling my basement, I’ve wanted to build myself a new desk to fit in the corner of my newly remodeled office. Well after some motivation from a friend and his sweet desk, I decided to bite the bullet and build it. When in need of a really simple, nice, natural material desk, use IKEA butcherblock countertop (which is cuttable, sandable, stainable and paintable) and some cool legs (like the Vika Inge style seen here, which has been replaced with Vika Runtorp). I’ve been building them in all of our offices and for clients, and I thought they’d be great to bring back out during our January CURE as folks dig into their homes and make them better than ever. How to Build a Countertop Desk. Building a countertop desk is a project that can be done in less than a day, but the results will look like you worked much harder. With the right parts, these simple instructions and some elbow grease, your countertop desk can last you for years and look like it was made by a professional.

how to build a countertop desk 2This is a pearl of wisdom that I received years ago and wanted to bring back right now. When in need of a really simple, nice, natural material desk, use IKEA b See more about Diy Desk, Desks and Ikea. A good-quality desk, especially a durable one, can be expensive. Countertops are typically designed to withstand quite a bit of abuse, so a countertop is a good choice as an alternative desk top,. When it comes to crafting or working on projects that require a good deal of space, a store-bought office desk may not quite do the trick. A laminate countertop, whether brand new or salvaged from an.

Bruce, from Georgia, set out to build a custom desk for his wife’s craft room. He tapped into Kee Klamp fittings to form an open base for the desk. The openness of the structure allowed him to place other cabinets underneath the desk to help his wife store the bits and pieces needed for crafting. – Countertop Desk design ideas and photos. Photo of a midcentury home office in San Francisco with white walls, dark hardwood floors and a built-in desk. While searching for desks at Ikea we ran across their Lagan countertop (seen on the left above). Somehow they manage to sell a sheet that is just over four feet long for 39.99. This got us thinking about building our own.

Great Diy Desks With Ikea Countertops And Legs

So our built-in wall-to-wall desk already made some good progress this week with the painting and making-taller of our cabinets. Yup, it came to less than a dollar a square foot (which is a heckova lot cheaper than most other countertop options, even butcher block or laminate from Ikea). I turned to Google for DIY standing desks, and found this great article that ended up being the inspiration for my desk (and this post). So I bought this solid wood Ikea countertop and some cheap legs with the idea that one day it would become a standing desk. Come and see what went into building this custom desk out of stock cabinets. This would require me to cut the toe kicks off my cabinets to lower them, as well as ordering a custom countertop without a backsplash. There are many options for countertops but laminate was the right choice for me and the space. I was talking to my friend Holly about my idea of the countertop height desk and she pulled four table legs out of her garage and gifted them to me! And, I had a heavily loved craft table that a neighbor gave away. Here’s how I put them all together to make a cottage-style counter-height kitchen desk:. FYI: Ikea countertops make great desks ( Ikea sells desk legs separately, so I just grabbed six adjustable legs. Same countertop, 4 different apartments/flats and 3 different legs — the counter is still the same. Iv got an ikea desk about 90 inches long, Im using 5 of those 4 dollar legs from ikea. one on each corner and one in the middle back, placed a couple inches in from the edge (2-3 inches) nothing in the exact centre or front of the desk where I sit. I have that same exact countertop and I’ve been wanting to do this same desk build but I can’t get over the price of the shelves.

Custom Built Craft Desk Made With Kitchen Countertop

We were at the point where we really needed to make a decision on what to use for our countertop surfaces. We’ll eventually be adding a custom desk to the center of the room, and wanted both counters to match, so we’re looking at between 30 and 40 square feet of surface to cover total. That’s when Brian saved the day with this suggestion to use two inexpensive IKEA countertops:. The difference between the desks we wanted to build and the conference table above is that we need power; to our cinema displays as well as whatever gadgets we’ll be charging during the day. Free up your countertops by building this home office in a guest bedroom. It fits on any 7-ft. 4-in. to 10-ft. First choose the location for the office and then make a scaled drawing of the wall you’re considering for the desk (Fig. A). Make note of the overall length of the wall, any doors or windows, and the ceiling height. A blog post showing you step by step instructions for how to build a floating desk using pine wood and metal brackets. Great DIY! Just what I was needing! I’m wondering if this would work for a countertop or if it would need more support.