How To Build A Desk With Hidden Compartments (DIY Project Download)

The fascination with secret doors and hidden compartments has been around since ancient times and our desire to hide things hasn’t dwindled. Furniture with Secret Compartments, Part 2: Ready to Make Your Own? Grabski and his buddy Mike Prom, who sells Autodesk products and is an expert at both AutoCAD and Inventor, had heard about a secret-compartment desk featured in the movie National Treasure 2. Pine top coffee table with sliding top reveals a hidden storage compartment.

how to build a desk with hidden compartments 2How to make a Floating Shelf with a secret hidden compartment. Secret Under Table Compartment– I’m going to make it, and then figure out what to put in it! Posts about Secret Compartments written by glen d huey. Last week I disclosed compartments in the desk lid lopers (read and/or view those here). Update: I have made the plans for the hidden drawer locking mechanism available for 8. I am a student at Graham High School and I would like to know how you built this so I could make a coffee table that has this hidden compartment.

Here’s a set of 16 Secret Compartments, which are hidden in cars, houses, books and even coins:. Haven’t yet, but I’m in the process of building a table and a chest of my own design. Both of them will contain a hidden compartment. No extra hardware necessary. Behind the prospectus of a fall-front desk is a great secret area. Secret drawers and hidden compartments are as much fun to create as they are to discover. As my skills developed I began to make him a few pieces of furniture.

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In they sure as hell don’t make them like that anymore news, this is an ultra-impressive wooden desk with all sorts of mechanized, moving parts and secret compartments. I LOVE secret compartments. Many woodworkers start out by building projects based on other people’s plans. If you are like me, seeing puzzle boxes and secret compartments that operate in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics captures your full undivided attention. This antique desk is over 200 years old and everything was done by hand. My father did, however, help me build a secret compartment into my desk, using off-the-shelf cabinetry hardware. It looked great. This really got me hooked. Build this childs toy table which features a secret storage compartment, a removable top that is a blackboard on one side and whiteboard on the other, as well as a play space to set up a fantastic streetscape. Anyway, roll top desks lend themselves well to creating little secret compartments.The easiest place to make one is behind the drawers in the upper part of the desk. Forget about the sweet secret compartment for a minute. In just about 12 minutes, YouTuber Dustin Penner goes from not having a table to having a table, and it’s wild.

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Access Control 1. Hidden Doorway.JPG. Building Custom Hidden Doorway Bookcase Wall Unit. Home Invasion Robbery. Hidden Compartment Table Closed1. Apollo dressing table console with a single drawer but has a secret lift up compartment where you can store items such as make up and jewellery. How to build the DIY End Table with a secret hidden compartment. The hidden space can be accessed without removing anything from the end tables surface. It loses its secrecy only if it’s easy to spot, so a good secret compartment is modestly sized and well-camouflaged. Build a false bottom to match the rest of the drawers in a set and keep it shallow — no more than an inch or two.

With a bevy of hidden compartments that you can stash your stuff in, the Kai table is an urban apartment dweller’s dream. How would I go about making a table like this? Our secret compartment nightstand has an opening large enough for a laptop. A while back when I was working on some pigeon hole dividers for a desk, I added a simple hidden compartment behind one of the drawers, see photo. There’s really nothing difficult about building the compart- ment, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.