How To Build A False Wall In A Closet (DIY Project Download)

Valuables in your home can be susceptible to theft. One way to foil a thief or to keep valuable possessions out of sight is to build a false back wall in a closet. I know. Sounds massively creepy. I actually just installed a gun safe in the back of this closet. Figured the narrow space would make it. Can anyone point me in the right direction to some SIMPLE instructions on how to build a false wall in a closet. Inside of the closet is unpainted.

how to build a false wall in a closet 2In this article, we’ll show you how to build a closet like this, concentrating on framing simple walls and hanging double doors. Use a stud finder to locate and mark the framing members where the new wall butts into the existing walls and ceiling. Current residence has an second floor hall closet over the stairwell. I plan on building a false wall 4’x1’x9′ tall inside the closet and will use drywall and a piano hinge to swing it open. I’ve had to use my spare bedroom closet to store ammo and such. I was thinking of building a secure, water proof arms room with perhaps a false wall, with alarm system, in the attached 2 car garage in the block stucco house I’m buying.

I just finished building a little secret safe compartment in my closet. This was easy to build and functions great. See more about Wall Safe, Wall Outlets and Closet Behind Bed. Build a closet yourself, following these illustrated step-by-step techniques, including wall framing, paneling, and finishing.

How To Build A Wall To Wall Closet

Originally Posted By gaspain:its quite obvious that there is a room in there because it sticks out That’s what I was thinking, he should make a false wall and make the closet smaller. You also will need a footing or support for the block or concrete wall to prevent settlement. I have a closet (it’s an odd one) that I’m planning to make look like it’s a built in bookshelf. So I have three block walls, and one stud/drywall wall. I see lots of false walls. More common than you think in older homes. I would look at closet area if you are doing to make one the ones I have seen in the closet are better concealed. It does not take a professional to build a closet only a willingness to set aside some time. (5.1 X 10.2 cm) door header nailed to the door trimmer with the end nailed to the wall stud. Construct a false wall that provides ample space to conceal horizontal and backbone cables. Not only will this improve the appearance of the telecommunications closet field layout, but it can also decrease cable-dressing time.

Closet As A Gun Safe?

20 was found dead Sunday, her body hidden behind a fake wall in a closet of her own apartment at 169A Calef Road. Police and firefighters started searching for Sue Hutchinson in the apartment after her relatives reported a strange odor in the building. A terrified boy was found cowering behind a false wall in the linen closet of a suburban Atlanta home, four years after he went missing. You need to build the walls in place, one piece at a time. Be sure that you check each wall stud for a crown. A crown is a hump in the stud that you see when you look down the 1. makes it easy to widen a closet with these step-by-step instructions. Knock out the middle stud first so you will have room to work. Knock down the nails in the bottom plate with a hammer to keep accidents from happening. Make a nice clean cut down the length the half wall and then remove it.