How To Build A Jump Box For Plyometrics (DIY Project Download)

how to build a jump box for plyometrics 1

People build it that way so you don’t catch your shins on the box, and for plyometric purposes. That does make sense, but I jump higher than the box and land on top. This video from The Art of Manliness shows you how to build your own plyo box for cheap that won’t fall apart or topple over when you exercise with it. Cross fitters use plyo boxes, they are expensive to purchase so I made my own.   Be careful, read your power tool manuals, and save the alcohol for after your building and jumping.

how to build a jump box for plyometrics 2I found a site has a step by step for their plyo box but there were a few things I didn’t like. The Rogue Box pictured in this step is what I modified the above plans to match. DIY Battle Ropes- Good for Crossfit and bootcamp type workouts. Just go to your local fire dept. and get an out of service fire hose for FREE. Take whatever you can get but a 2. Fitness Equipment, Workout Crossfit, Diy Crossfit, Crossfit Plyo, Parkour Crossfit Gym, Plyo Boxes, Plyo Box Plans. 30inch CROSSFIT Plyo jump box DIY Plans.

I bought an 18′ plyo box last summer still have no issues with this product! Homemade plyo boxes, or plyometrics boxes, are one of the most cost effective ways to get a box. If you’re serious about plyometrics you need to get some Plyometric Jump Boxes. By jumping onto and off of the boxes you are using gravity to build muscle.

Crossfit Style Plyo Box (table Saw)

To build your own safe and effective plyo box, start with a small 12-inch high box and 2-square foot top surface. This size can handle hard use without the extra reinforcement needed to make larger boxes safe and durable. Purchasing plyometric boxes of different heights can be very expensive. MonsterBoxes also can be used as two step-ups going from one height to the next for athletes that need to build before they can jump. Buy Gold’s Gym Extreme Adjustable Plyometric Jump Box at Pilates Equipment Exercise & Fitness Equipment – Build Muscle Step Aerobics. Box jumps ain’t just for the CrossFit set. Learn how to put this move to work for you in building a stronger, leaner, more athletic physique.