How To Build A Litter Box Enclosure (DIY Project Download)

how to build a litter box enclosure 1

Any of these attempts at making the litter box more discreet will go a long way towards endearing your darling cat to guests like me. Sky Mall’s Designer Catbox Enclosure looks very nice- but would you really want to keep it right next to the couch? 10. I applaud you for trying to make a pretty litter box enclosure for your kitties! To learn how to make this uber-stealth litter box, click here. 4.

how to build a litter box enclosure 2There are plenty of ways to keep your cat litter box out of sight. Instructables user egreer1 built this nifty hider with storage from an old stereo system. Our litter boxes for our cats were just kinda put in the corner of the room, and it not only didn’t look great, but it also smelled like a litter box. We wanted to build an enclosure that would hide the litter boxes, as well as hide the smell. Also, consider the size of an enclosed litter box and make sure your cat has plenty of room to turn around inside. And finally, if you’re handy, you can DIY a custom cat box enclosure inside a piece of retrofitted furniture or even as part of a built-in cabinet.

How to Build a Litter Box Enclosure for Cats. Cats, being the supremely classy beings that they are, do deserve some privacy while they, umm, go about their ‘business’.

Build Secret Litter Box Storage In A Stereo Cabinet

How To Build A Litter Box Enclosure For Cats