How To Build A Rack Mount For Studio (DIY Project Download)

Building your own wood studio rack can be a fairly simple process if you can follow just a few basic guidelines during the project. Most mounting faceplates have oval-shaped mounting holes that allow for these slight variances. NOTE: Making your own rack cases is one of the simplest do-it-yourself construction projects imaginable if you use prethreaded rack rails, because the rest of it is just a box. And it& 146;s used in recording studios, where the rackmount standard likely originated; many of your rackmount PA components would be equally at home in a recording studio. For home studio guys, getting rack boxes are a real problem.

how to build a rack mount for studio 2Hi, I decided to build my own rack case because those SKB cases are way too expensive. I need to build a portable and very sturdy case, so I bought 12U rack ears (or rack flanges? I’m not really sure. Howdy, are you talking studio racks, or traveling racks. Size depends on how much gear your going to mount in them. This rack was designed for use in a home studio next to a standard work desk. Look through the following steps to build your own rack. Rack rail mounting:. I discovered the IKEA LACK rack, made from a coffee table. On going to IKEA to buy one, I was a bit disappointed as the LACK coffee table is very big for what I need, and also the construction quality is rubbish – the legs are made from a honeycomb cardboard structure and are very flimsy. Upon measuring it, I was very happy to discover it was 19 inches inside – the exact dimension for rack mount gear. I bought one and took it home to find it was perfect for a rack. If you are making a 6U rack, skip this step!

So I could put a laptop or any no rack mount gear on top, like turntable etc Just be sure to allow enough room for the jacks sticking up from the mixer so you can close the top without having to dismantle all the connections. Yorkville Sound 10 Space Tilt Top Rolling Studio Rack – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments. An even less expensive way to build a studio rack is with the IKEA LACK tables. Can’t beat that 20-something price tag for a rack mount power strip. If your studio is the kind that has people walking in and out with gear every day, or you are unlucky enough to live in an area where burglary is common, a sturdy rack case combined with a fixed cabinet and a set of security-headed bolts could help preserve your investment. When converting your PC from tower to rackmount, or building a rackmount machine from scratch, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

Building Rack Cases

how to build a rack mount for studio 3Note: Every additional bay, be it rackmount or for your DAW only, adds one extra upright. It’s also built to support rack mount hardware of shallow depth, like a router (the real kind) or network switch, so if you want to clear off that folding table in the basement, check out today’s how-to. Using progressively larger bits will make it much easier to drill the 1/4-inch hole. I am building a home studio recording computer and I think I’m going to use the presonus firestudio and eventually add the digimax FS. Organization: Building a cabinet around your computer case gives you ample opportunity to hide cables and other general untidiness. Five pages of detailed plans for this studio rack design in PDF format, including a plywood sheet layout plan (cutting diagram) are available for download. You can get good deals on rack rails from stores that supply computer hardware rack-mount accessories, or check Amazon. 10U Space Rack Mount Hardware Studio Equipment Mixer Case Stand Cabinet Griffin. Rack mount Studio Equipment Mixer Stand Cart Stage Rolling Gear Effect Amp Music.

Diy Studio Rack Project