How To Build A Wooden Deer Stand Tower (DIY Project Download)

how to build a wooden deer stand tower 1

I plan to build some tower type blinds but would like to make them dual purpose stands that work for both gun and bow hunting. Even with the best maintenance procedures, homemade hunting blinds made from wood or metal have a shelf life and need to be scrapped once nature take its toll. Get high, dry, warm and ready to hunt in a buck tower you can make with these steps. Camo netting, loose at the bottom and sides, was placed on each shooting position, enabling the hunters in the stand to see out but not have the deer see in. RELATED STORIES: DIY Project: Make A Slab-Wood Chair In 14 Steps.

how to build a wooden deer stand tower 2The 16′ Wooden box stand is a 2 piece stand that is assembled at the site you want the stand. Plans include a bench type seat, but can be changed to a boat type seat. I have had deer walk right at the legs of this stand. Built a few of these over the years, went to a shorter shooting house due to the wind blowing them over! The color pic is of a 10′ stand, we’ve also built a 12′ one & it’s just right for gun hunting. I am looking for Deer Box Blind Pictures and Ideas of What to build and what Not to add to an enclosed stand. This is a 6×6 with 14′ 4×4’s all wood framing.

Years ago I quit building deer stands out of wood, nails pull and wood rots. Don’t build a Tower Blind. You’ll hunt it everyday and everyone will tell you you don’t see deer because you hunt there too much. Hunting deer from a tower blind gives you a decided advantage over hunting from the ground. Here are some tower stand build plans. I am not a huge fan of wood built stands but this one is easy to build and not cost prohibitive at all. Whitetail Deer.

Tower Stand Plans

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars year after year repairing your old wooden box blind and yet still not satisfied? Let Ultra Deer Tower’s custom build a dream tower specially designed to fit your needs. These plans for a tower style box stand for hunting deer and big game are thorough and thoughtful. Router Plans For Beginners Most wood workers, even beginners, realize the value of having a router but with all the different types available it isn’t always easy to determine which is best for Adirondack Chair Plans. After being impressed with a local-made metal tripod stand I used today, I came home & browsed around looking for some prints or. I came across a few sights offering plans to make towers out of wood, using 4×4’s for the supprots & cross braces. NEW Hughes Company HP-67055 10 Foot Hunting Tower for 4×4 Box or Bow Blind. Providing hunting deer stands and supplies for deer and wild game hunters. We Furnish The Steel Brackets And Supports – You Furnish The Wood. Many people are asking for the plans for the tower type deer stand that I promised. Here it is, the steel structure and ladder and wooden box blind. Click on the thumbnail picture for a full sized (81/2 X 11 ) clear.

Elevated Blind Idea

Hook up your safety harness and climb, making sure it’s all OK. If you hunt from wooden ladder stands or box blinds, don’t neglect to check them out very well. Does anyone have any blueprints for constructing a tower box blind out of wood. preferably I would like it to be 6’long 4′ wide and 8′ high.