How To Build An Ottoman Tray (DIY Project Download)

how to build an ottoman tray 1

Instead of forking out 25-45 for an ottoman tray at the store, make your own using these easy instructions. DIY ottoman tray. Make your own ottoman tray. Looking for a project to tackle this weekend? How about a DIY serving tray. It’s definitely a useful thing to have in any home. It makes breakfasts in bed. If you enjoy woodworking as a hobby you should consider building an ottoman tray to incorporate into your ottoman.

how to build an ottoman tray 2How to Build an Ottoman Tray. Ottoman trays allow ottomans, also known as living room footstools, to double as coffee tables. The trays provide a flat surface for setting down drinks, television remotes, snacks, magazines and other household items. Build your own ottoman tray which features a parquet pattern and rope covered handles. DIY Ottoman Tray for 26 – The DIY Girl – materials, cutting list, and instructions for making a large ottoman tray.

Find great deals on eBay for Ottoman Tray in Serving Trays. Use an old frame to make a tray for your ottoman or guest bedroom! I was just talking last night about how I would like a large tufted ottoman for a coffee table with a tray on top. Below you will find a number of beautiful trays for ottomans, and heaps of inspirations on how to style them to add a visual impact to your lounging area. Diy ottoman tray, painted furniture, DIY Removable Tray for Ottoman.

How To Build An Ottoman Tray

how to build an ottoman tray 3This collection focuses on wooden trays for ottomans, all of which have their own charm. Make sure to get to know all of them and tell us what your final choice was. Storage Ottomans: Clear Clutter Quickly, Easily, and with Style. Dorm_-_cover. An adaptable build and sleek styling make this ottoman tray a versatile addition to your home. Through an effortless blend of fashion and utility, this ottoman tray makes an attractive inclusion. This beautiful ottoman tray, lined with wine corks took only 1 and a half hours to complete and cost Audrey, of, zero do. We make ottoman trays. Let us be your ottoman tray connection. To request a quote for your custom ottoman tray or couch arm wrap please complete the form below and click submit. Check out my other guide to see how to dissemble pallets. Select your wood from your stack of pallets. This is one of the pallets bottom boards that I will use for handles.

Ottoman Tray

Adding pattern to the bottom of a tray, whether with fabric or paint, is the simplest way to transform a solid color tray into a statement accessory:. Place your fabric on top of the ottoman and make sure you have it lined up properly if you have a geometric fabric.