How To Build Shelves Into An Alcove (DIY Project Download)

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Click here for simple instructions on how to build stylish alcove shelves in dozens of material types and finishes. When a shelf needs to be badly out of square I always leave the lines in slightly when I cut it, that way I can put it in place and scribe it in, using an electric plane to finely fit it into the opening. DIY Network shows you four different ways to hang custom shelving. Once the brackets are attached to the wall, hook the shelf supports into the wall. One great advantage of fitting shelves into an alcove is that battens can usually be fitted to the side walls to support both ends of each shelf leaving each shelf unobstructed by wall brackets etc. But a nice thing about DIY is that you can decide what size shelves to have and where to position them.

how to build shelves into an alcove 2How to make shelves – Find out how to make shelves including how to build shelves in an alcove that stretch from wall to wall. A very popular question to Diydoctor is how do I fit shelves into my chimney recess. Follow the example below which of course you can vary to suit your own ideas. Im going to build alcove shelving and cupboards into either side of the chimney breast in the sitting room. I want to put shelves into quite shallow alcoves beside a fireplace – they’re 83cm wide and I want to put books on them. For solid wood, i machine a groove around 3 side of the shelf, fix a batten of a corresponding size to the 3 side of the alcove and slot the shelf on.

I don’t want any sort of framework, just the ‘floating shelf’ look built right into the alcove, DVD’s at the bottom, maybe above some ground space, then CD’s and books on top. Now the way I figure, to put the shelves up I need to put batons for each shelf around the sides and back of the alcove and then the shelf on top of that. How to fit an alcove shelf between a chimney breast and return wall using timber battens to support the back edge and end of the shelf. Hi all, Just wondering what your thoughts are on how to get a tight fitting alcove shelf. If you want it to fit really well then make a template from some very thin ply/mdf, or what ever you have, that fits exactly as you want and then make the shelf to fit that. It’s a method used in boatbuilding to work out the curvature of planking around the frames where you have curves as well as twists to contend with, but have to cut them from a flat board before steaming them into place,and works equally well on flat stuff like shelves into alcoves etc.

Making Timber Shelves

Fitting shelving to an alcove – a step by step guide. Fitting alcove shelves is an easy and smart way to create more space in your home – follow our foolproof guide for best results. Hang long curtains from the left alcove and hang long curtains further on the right side of the right alcove as to make the illusion that they are the same size. Then, I cut the 1x2s into lengths just shorter than the shelves and lined them up on the wall with the marked lines. The strongest shelving is achieved when fixing into masonry walls or the timber in stud walls. Use an awl to make pilot holes on the underside of the shelves, through the supports. Secure with screws. Repeat process with other shelves in the alcove. Learn how to fit shelving into alcoves and other potentially wasted space in your home. Well built shelves can make any alcove both more attractive and more useful. The recesses beside chimney breasts are a very popular location for shelving. I want to build shelves into an alcove, but the corners are not square. If the corners are rounded, I’d use the cardboard again: estimate the radius of the corner, cut a quarter-circle of that radius, and check how well it fits into the corner.

Fitting Shelving To An Alcove

Ask an Expert. If you are not ready to post a job, but have a question about a home improvement or DIY project, you can ask one of our trade experts here. When remodeling a bathroom, consider adding a recessed shower shelf into your design. It’s a practical and streamlined way to add storage space for shampoos and soaps, without taking away elbow room. Built-in shower niches are also a great alternative to gunky corner shelves and rusty shower caddies. How to Build Alcove Shelves. Alcove shelves are a way to add permanent storage to an unused space. Build them into areas between existing walls, such as in a mudroom or beside a fireplace. The amount of wood you will need for this project will vary depending on your alcove size and the number of shelves you choose to install.