How To Clean And Disinfect A Chicken Coop (DIY Project Download)

Keeping the manure managed, by frequent cleaning and composting helps to control the insects. But, wood can absorb damp and enough fecal material to harbor flies, so I take one more step. But, wood can absorb damp and enough fecal material to harbor flies, so I take one more step. After removing the manure, I spritz the wood with my homemade chicken coop disinfectant. Use vinegar to disinfect your chicken coop without potentially exposing your birds to hazardous chemicals. Be very careful sterilizing chicken coop if any of your chicken are ill. Backyard chickens spend most of their waking hours outside the coop, either ranging freely outside the run or wandering around inside an enclosed run, which means that droppings inside the coop accumulate primarily overnight underneath the roosts. It takes less than five minutes to sift the sand and doing so keeps the coop clean and augments my compost pile with primarily nitrogen-rich droppings, not pine shavings, straw or hay. We use Oxine to disinfect our coops about once a week!

how to clean and disinfect a chicken coop 2Many of the cleaners used on chicken coops, like bleach and aerosol sprays, can have disastrous effects on a flock. Chickens are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses and cleaning a coop with harsh chemicals can cause problems. This makes a fragrant and safe cleaner that repels insects, kills mold, and works as a solvent and disinfectant. No one wants a smelly chicken run and these products will help eliminate odours in the chicken house. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean a chicken coop, based on your location, housing and the number of birds you keep. Many coops are constructed with built-in roosts, but you can opt for removable ones for easier cleaning and disinfecting.

After we clean our coop, I like to spray the nest boxes and coop walls, surfaces etc. with white vinegar. It discourages mites, lice and other creepy crawlies. It also helps deodorize and disinfect. It will dissolves dried egg yolk in the case that someone broke open an egg in the box, and it has mild bleaching properties. At the very least, your chickens need the following conditions to stay clean. Brush out any caked feed, wash and rinse them and then spray them with an anti-bacterial spray, or use a commercial poultry-safe disinfectant, following the directions on the packaging. Place fresh litter in the house. Instead of using harsh chemicals in your chicken coop, why not use this natural and proven cleaner to keep your chicken coop clean. Vinegar is probably more well known as being a great disinfectant, but did you know it keeps pesky insects at bay as well!

The All-natural Way To Clean And Refresh Your Chicken Coop

Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Me neither. Here’s how I keep things shiny, without the nasty fumes. See more about Coops, Chicken Coops and Chicken. How to clean a chicken coop naturally. May 26, 2015 by Kelli Kennon-Lane 8 Comments. I don’t clean my chicken coop but 3 or 4 times a year. Tops. You simply need a wet solution that will cut the poo and sanitize the surfaces of your coop. Remember, your ladies will be breathing the air in your small coop, so you don’t want any fumes or residual toxic odor. Battles poultry house disinfectant and cleaner in ready to use spray. 1 litre bottle to disinfect the chicken coop and keep it smelling fresh. Buy online, next working delivery. Morning All!!! Spent the last 3 weekends cleaning out the coop. Rain this past weekend kept me from painting. Electric is back on as a previous owner disconnected it. There have not been any chickens in it in about 5 years but I believe in DEATH & DESTRUCTION when it comes to germs / virus’s. Regular cleaning and disinfection of your chicken shed is important to keep down the levels of harmful parasites, bacteria and viruses which can cause disease in both your birds and your family. Tips and advice on cleaning out your Chicken Coop for health and hygiene. For cleaning, plastic is best, so if you have an Eglu system or use an adapted Plastic Bunker, there’s nothing like a good hose down and spraying with Disinfectant when finished.

11 Uses For Vinegar Around The Coop

You can choose from a great range of cleaning products that will work on all chicken coops and chicken houses. Try best-selling Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant or customer favourite Johnson’s Clean ‘n’ Safe Cleaner and Disinfectant.