How To Clean Old Wooden Floors (DIY Project Download)

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What’s the best way to get them clean? I’ve tried numerous floor cleaners and they seem to leave a dull film. Plain old fashiond soap and water on my knees with a scrub brush?. Remove all the furniture, and spray the floor with a hardwood flooring cleaner or your own mix of 10 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Gently wipe the floor with a terry-cloth mop or a towel wrapped around a mop head. Whoops, I almost forgot to tell you about how I scrubbed and re-sealed the existing hardwoods right before we moved in (literally, like 26 hours before we moved in).

how to clean old wooden floors 2How To Clean, Gloss Up, And Seal Dull Old Hardwood Floors. Eileen asked: How do I clean an old (50+ years) hardwood floor that no longer has a seal? I will eventually have the floor professionally done, but until that. Maybe you have gorgeous hardwood floors that you’d like to pass on to your great-grandchildren, or you want to pay the proper respect to the trees that gave their lives, or perhaps you just want shiny, shiny floors; in any case, read on.

To clean your hardwood floor without damaging the finish, follow these steps. To test whether you have an old or a modern surface seal, place a few drops of water on the most worn area of floor; if it remains beaded after several minutes, you probably have a modern seal, but if it seems to soak or darken the wood, you either have an older seal or a poorly-finished one that needs to be handled gently. Shiny wood floors and delicate antiques are lovely, but how to keep them in good condition? We asked some experts to tell us the secret to caring for wood. Follow our easy steps on how to clean hardwood floors. Transform your floors from dull and grimy to gleaming, gorgeous and clean!. Once or twice a year, strip the old wax and apply a fresh new coat.

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how to clean old wooden floors 3I used Murphy’s Oil Soap on my 85 year old wood floors once, and it ruined the finish. He suggests (for my 45-year-old Oak floors, anyway), to wash them annually in very diluted ammonia water, and then to (annually) use paste wax on them to make them water-proof. Here are the 5 benefits of cleaning your wood floors with black tea:. Or I get on my hands-and-knees and clean the floors old-school. Rinsing isn’t required. Not sure of the best way to clean your wood floors without damaging them? 2+ years ago when our horrible 10-year-old vacuum finally died. Solid hardwood floors are among the easiest to keep clean. Perhaps your hardwood floors were installed just a few years ago, but you haven’t taken care of them and now they look old. Wood flooring adds character to a home but when left uncared for over years, it develops buildup and residue that is tough to clean with normal cleaning procedures. Q: I read that a good wood floor cleaner is vinegar with water; is that OK? Q: We bought a new area rug to go under our dining room table, and it’s a different shape from the old one.

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The real debate is whether cleaning wood floors with vinegar is really a good idea or not. Mane homeowners and old-timers claim that cleaning hard wood floors with vinegar is the best way. The key to cleaning hardwood floors is not to leave puddles of standing water/cleaner. Instead, DIY laminate floor cleaner with two ingredients: vinegar and water. My way or the highway involving a bottle and a couple of trips to the sink, or the old-fashioned way with a mop and a bucket. Restoring old wood floors brings back their natural beauty and shine.

How to clean wood floors: Hardwood is a major investment that takes a beating. This video shows how to clean a hardwood floor without damaging it. Old-Fashioned Niceties That Deserve a Comeback.