How To Clean Teak Furniture With A Power Washer (DIY Project Download)

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Teak outdoor furniture sets are popular where I live and I see several on the website right now. Q: We have (whoops, had) beautiful high-end, outdoor teak furniture. Several years ago it had just reached that lovely patina-stage of aging and was very smooth to touch. The force of a pressure washer can damage your teak furniture unless you take appropriate precautions, which include setting the pressure to no greater than 2000 psi and using a nozzle with a 15-degree or wider spray pattern.

how to clean teak furniture outdoors 2Pressure washers are the easy way to clean, but the problem is they can also damage the furniture-grade teak lumber. Think what water flowing over rock can do when you look at the Grand Canyon. We discourage pressure or power washing teak. High pressure washing may strip away some of the wood s natural protective oils and can cause it to shred, develop surface pits, and ultimately age prematurely. Teak is used for making boats, furniture, and other things which require resistance to the elements. Never use a brass brush or a pressure washer to clean teak, these methods will scour the soft grain of the wood causing a rough and splintery surface.

Teak Patio Furniture Requires Little Attention, Care & Maintenance. Be sure to stay at least six inches away from the surface of the teak patio furniture when you use the power washer. Teak outdoor furniture has become very popular for it’s attractive and natural look. This wood, originating from South Asia, has the capacity to be very resistant to the elements. Westchester Power Washing pressure cleans plastic and wooden outdoor furniture including chairs, tables, slides & playground equipment. Westchester Power Washing is a expert at washing teak table and chairs.

How To Clean An Outdoor Teak Table

I have treated it with teak oil each year – chairs and the table. If I were you I’d get your son to power wash it again and then leave it alone, don’t oil it or anything. Sometimes, dirt won’t go away so easy, so you may try with a power sprayer, but be careful. When using power sprayers to wash teak furniture, make sure you use a wide fan pattern to protect your precious teak piece. We love teak furniture here at Bau Outdoors and our customers very often ask how to maintain their new teak garden furniture, so we thought we’d give a bit of info on keeping your teak furniture looking great for years. Systematically pressure-wash each part of the teak. Outdoor teak furniture care and cleaning tips. Pressure washing your teak furniture should be done with extreme care as damage could result from the use of excessive pressure. Power wash/steam pressure wash the teak- either at a car wash or borrow one if you don’t have one. I find the car wash is best. Let dry. How to clean your teak patio furniture. Buy It Now Once teak wood has been allowed to weather the appearance may be further enhanced by a once annual washing in the spring.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Care

Teak and faux wood are prized for outdoor furniture because both are low maintenance options while still offering beautiful designs. Do not use a power washer to clean teak furniture. To help remove the build-up of moss, you should wash off your teak furniture occasionally with good, old-fashioned soap and water. Just make sure you do the washing by hand, never using a power washer that can damage the furniture. I ventured into our basement and discovered a bottle of teak cleaner that we purchased from Smith & Hawken as a companion to the protector we’d been using. Also, power washing might remove quite a bit as well. Teak outdoor furniture has natural oil within the wood which helps preserve the wood from rot and decay. Is it OK to pressure wash teak outdoor furniture?

Due to a broken collarbone, my usual scrubbing brush and elbow grease method of cleaning our teak garden furniture is not possible. Do I need to clean my teak furniture before using it the first time? Avoid spraying the teak with a high pressure hose, as high pressure can erode the surface of the timber. The gray wash applied by the factory is a commercial grade, outdoor finish with a 1 year warranty. Rent a good power washer you can get the whole set looking new in an hour, keeping it that way is tough sledding.