How To Conduct A Roundtable Session (DIY Project Download)

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One of the most successful has been the roundtable. What do we mean by a roundtable? It’s a gathering of about a dozen interested people, often with similar interprets or job titles. Knowledge shared within a session is important but sign up to meet likeminded professionals. As part of Evaluation 2010, AEA conducted an informal evaluation of the roundtable session format. Facilitators found roundtables to offer unique opportunities for learning and professional exchange. Recently, I was asked to lead a roundtable discussion about personal branding for the Baltimore chapter of AmeriCorps alums. I have experience leading workshops and training sessions, but I’ve never lead a roundtable discussion before. In my case, I’ve been invited as a personal branding expert, but really the key is to facilitate rather than direct.

how to conduct a roundtable session 2The steps to facilitating an effective roundtable discussion with roundtable discussion questions Have you ever run a roundtable discussion? Throughout my years in publishing, I ve taken part in countless roundtables. My students will be able to facilitate a round table session as part of their learning experience. How to set up an effective roundtable session with your group. Members of the audience are typically seated in a circle to facilitate their active participation in the discussion. The Roundtable session type can be used by attendees to seek help with problems they are currently facing, to learn about the latest developments in an area, or to develop contacts with people who have similar interests.

Roundtable The first session of a peer conference, the roundtable, serves three broad purposes. Middle A peer conference has a coherent structure with a beginning, a middle, and an end that are designed to facilitate meaningful and useful connections and interactions. I want to create a roundtable discussion format for a cultural studies conference. I believe that the official participant abstracts and titles will attract faculty who we want to draw into our ranks, so keeping the talks short and informal will better facilitate that. If the points to discuss are too many for one session, divide them and decide how many will be discussed and how many sessions will be necessary. An invited session features presenters who have been invited as guest speakers because of their prominence in the field. Please observe the general code of conduct for roundtables, which is posted at the sessions.

How To Run A Roundtable Discussion

how to conduct a roundtable session 3Presenters at roundtable and poster sessions are encouraged to bring copies of their papers or summaries of their projects to the session, as there will not be a screen and lcd to project your presentation in these types of sessions. As a participant or attendee in a roundtable session, your help in following these guidelines will help facilitate a better experience for all. It would be good to record the session or take good notes (if you are recording, announce this at the beginning and state the reason for doing this). New to D.I.C.E. 2016 will be the inclusion of focused roundtable, break-out sessions. Each year, the AIAS is challenged to find ways to facilitate new networking opportunities that will enrich the attendee experience. The guidelines below refer to Roundtable sessions only. Facilitated Roundtable Sessions lasting 40-60 minutes are designed to provide an opportunity for presenters to share information on, and stimulate discussion around a particular issue related to the conference with a small group of up to 20 participants. To increase the number of delegates able to participate, presenters will normally conduct their session in front of two different audiences over the course of the conference. We are soliciting presenters for Roundtable breakout sessions at the 2016 HIV Diagnostics Conference. Handouts are intended to support the short presentation and facilitate discussion.


As you prepare for your session in Chicago, please keep in mind these standards of academic etiquette as well as the practices of this conference. Recent advances in technology have opened up many new and exciting possibilities that can facilitate this exchange of ideas, and the use of social media like Twitter and Facebook at conferences has sparked a series of dynamic discussions over the best way to incorporate social media into the conference experience. Roundtable sessions would consist of selected topics being presented at two back-to-back 30-minute sessions; beginning with a short oral presentation followed by discussion and feedback.