How To Create Drawer Layout In Android (DIY Project Download)

how to create drawer layout in android 1

Drawer positioning and layout is controlled using the android:layout_gravity attribute on child views corresponding to which side of the view you want the drawer to emerge from: left or right (or start/end on platform versions that support layout direction. For more information about how to use DrawerLayout, read Creating a Navigation Drawer. Android Navigation drawer is now a standard when creating an Android app. 1. Change activity_main.xml to navigation drawer layout. A new Android Studio project has just been created. Inside the DrawerLayout, we add one view that contains the main content for the screen and another view that contains the contents of the navigation drawer.

how to create drawer layout in android 2Drawer Layout should have two child views. First Child – Main Content. (Answered by the OP in a question edit. Converted to a community wiki answer. See Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments ). Have a project set up, for use with AppCompat lib, as I showed in my previous blog post. First up, modify your layout to be a drawer layout, and give yourself two children to work with:.

In my previous tutorial I have explained how the DrawerLayout works which will act as our root view in this tutorial so if you are not sure about its working just go and read that particular section from that tutorial, The link to that tutorial is here -. Open Android Studio and create a new blank project, Once your project is created go ahead and define Color scheme for your app. Add DrawerLayout to your xml file. Create java file Create new Project in Android Studio, then add appcompat-v7.21.0.+ and appcompat-v4.21.0.+ libraries in your buid.

How To Make Material Design Navigation Drawer With Header View: Android For Devs

Vers como implementar un Drawer Layout para el diseo. Abre tu archivo de construccin build.gradle. 3. This example illustrates a common usage of the DrawerLayout widget in the Android support library. A view switch follows the same basic policies as list or tab navigation in that a view switch does not create navigation history. 0.Add the following to your dependencies in the build.gradle (Module app) file. Drawer Layout is the parent view with RecyclerView and FrameLayout as the child views. Create a Material Design Android Navigation Drawer with Design Support Library. Go to your activity XML layout and structure your DrawerLayout like this:. From Google material design documentation and android training. Declare DrawerLayout as your root layout container, inside you will have two views, one containing your main layout and another containing drawer items. Create the menu file in your values folder values/menu.xml. DrawerLayout acts as a top-level container for window content that allows for.

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up the toolbar for all your activities and as an added bonus, we will setup a navigation drawer as well.