How To Cut Laminate Shelving (DIY Project Download)

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Dan, I think that we need more information than you supplied. What kind of saw are you using? What kind of laminate are you cutting? Taping is SOMETIMES a good idea but usually a waste of time. It comes in large 4×8′ sheets, or smaller, more usable sizes often sold in the shelving section. This technique also works well when repurposed old particle board furniture with laminate tops, such as inexpensive pieces sold at IKEA or discount stores, or the rows of furniture found in thrift stores and secondhand shops. How to Repair Laminate Cabinets; The Styles of MDF Baseboards.

how to cut laminate shelving 2I need to cut some shelves for the equipment rack of my home theater. I’m planning on using white melamean. Whats the best way to cut it without. How to Cut Melamine Shelving. It can be difficult to get a good result when cutting Melamine-coated particleboard. Chips of Melamine often flake off the surface along the cut edge, especially on the side nearer the blade. Cutting shelves with a circular saw requires only basic tools and novice level carpentry skills. Whereas coarse-toothed blades are acceptable for cutting utility shelving material, such as plywood, carpenters should use fine-toothed blades to cut finish grade material, such as laminate-coated shelving.

Cutting laminate refers to the first step in installing a new counter or bar-top, sizing a custom floor, or accenting other interior areas of your home. Use a circular saw when cutting laminate. A jigsaw will also work, but the jigsaw blade is less likely to produce a straight line. Before cutting the laminate, lay masking tape over the cutting line. I also noticed that you said you laminated the tops of the shelves. Normal practice is to laminate both sides of the boards to prevent changes in moisture from bowing and cupping the boards. Cut with the laminate facing up on the table saw. I have also scored the cut line with a knife first.

Best Way To Cut Laminate Shelving?

ceiling hatch access door 3These basic steps from DIY Network offer a guide to choosing shelving and how to cut and finish laminate ends. The goal of this ible is to show you how to properly cut sheet goods such as particle board / melamine / laminated boards. Tags: laminate how to diy particle board melamine debunked shelves board cut cutting table saw circular saw workshop comparison review showdown. The center section is all open with shelves and covered inside and out with Pionite. Thread: Cutting laminate covered Particle Board. Most home centers carry melamine shelving with the edge banding already on. The second solution is a laminate-cutting blade (above), which gives you perfectly clean edges on both sides, without a scoring cut. You can install the edging with a household iron, an edge-trimming tool, and a sharp 1-in. Plastic edgebanding goes well with laminate or melamine-covered shelves. It is reputed to have excellent machine-ability providing a perfect surface (no white spots) and minimum edge chip out when cutting. It is made to the M2 industrial standard specified by American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

How To Cut Laminate

Cutting can be a problem if the wood is too thin or if you are cutting something with a laminate overlay because the wood will splinter or the laminate (which is just really thin plastic,) will chip. Wood built-ins, cabinetry and closet shelving systems are designed and custom made for your space. We have designed many systems that incorporate laminate with wood trim, doors and crown molding for a truly custom look. Rubbermaid’s Wood Shelves are perfect for organizing cluttered areas in your home while also adding a decorative touch. The laminate finish is wear resistant. Laminated Panels for Retail Fixtures, Shelving, and OEM Components. Cut To Size produces top-quality laminate panel products, precision machined to exact specifications.