How To Delete All Tables In Oracle 10g (DIY Project Download)

I have an ORACLE schema containing hundreds of tables. I would like to delete the data from all the tables (but don’t want to DROP the tables). I’ve been told that I can drop all the tables via a drop schema command within the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager gui, but I can’t see the. First, make sure that you connect to Oracle as the correct user, i.e., the one whose tables will be dropped. NB: if you drop all tables before triggers, your triggers will be renamed with special characters and the command might not work; make sure to drop triggers before tables. I have a backup 10g database server I have daily full export dmp file of my active database server.

how to delete all tables in oracle 10g 2The DROP TABLE command allows you to drop tables from your Oracle database. In Oracle Database 10g the flashback table command will recover the dropped table and many of the objects associated with the dropped table. To find all references the point to a specific table, see these notes on finding all references to a table. Clear answers are provided together with tutorial exercises to help beginners on creating, altering and removing tables, adding, altering and rem. If you log in with your Oracle account, and you want to get a list of all tables in your schema, you can get it through the USER_TABLES view with a SELECT statement, as shown in the following SQL script:. Introduction to Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Any other way to grant to all tables with single command? E.g. To grant INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT on all HRSYS tables to INVSYS, do the following, as HRSYS: SET HEAD OFF SET PAGES 0 SET LINES 255 SET FEEDBACK OFF SPOOL grant_hrsys_role. (Oracle DB 10g installed is Arabic/English).

Truncate or Delete All Tables in an Oracle Schema. PUT_LINE( ‘Disabled constraints for table ‘ c.table_name); Labels: Oracle 10g, Tips. Delete all records of all tables of a database schema in Oracle. This procedure deletes all record from a table and if ORA-02292: occurs then recursively call the procedure again. Note that this operation will cause all DELETE triggers on the table to fire. But Oracle 10g provide the command to recover it by using the command (FLASHBACK).

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If no conditions are provided, all records in the table will be deleted. This SQL DELETE example would delete all records from the suppliers table where the supplier_name is IBM. Set echo off prompt prompt this script is used to generate SQL file for deleting all tables in a tablespace. Use the Insert Statement to Add records to existing Tables. If you want to add a new row by supplying values for some columns not all the columns then you have to mention the name of the columns in insert statements. The Oracle DROP command is used to remove database objects (tables, functions, views, profiles, etc) from the database. When a table is dropped, all the tables’ rows, indexes and privileges will also be removed. As of Oracle 10g, when a table is dropped it is moved into the recycle bin unless the PURGE modifier is used. How to List All Tables and Describe Tables in Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and PostgreSQL. You often want to list all tables in a database or list columns in a table. How to make a user have complete access to all tables of another schema and discussions on schema owners and application users oracle concept. Here we are granting select,insert,update,delete,execute privileges to appuser1, you can customize the grants by dropping the grants from the sql query itself.

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Oracle: Delete all rows from all tables etc. Set heading off; set feedback off; spool C:my_file_name.sql select ‘drop table ‘ table_name ‘cascade constraints;’ from user_tables; spool off; Using this method you can do the same action across multiple tables and save it for later use. Quite useful, I had the case where I needed to provide a CSV file to an external party from our Oracle 10g database. The command can also be used to delete data across a database link:. If you gather statistics for all tables every night, your system will potentially act differently every day. Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection: From 10g onward the database automatically gathers statistics on a daily basis. The DELETE_SYSTEM_STATS procedure will delete all workload stats and replace previously gathered noworkload stats with the default values. Download all scripts for the book (.zip). Delete All Tables Drop All Objects MS SQL Server 2008 MSSQLServer.

This table is, by default, located in the SYSTEM tablespace. Until Oracle 10g, auditing is disabled by default, but can be enabled by setting the AUDIT_TRAIL static parameter in the init. To delete all audit records from the audit trail: SQL DELETE FROM sys.