How To Disassemble A Wood Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

I have been stalking Craigslist for a swing set (and a vintage travel trailer) for months now. It came off pretty easily, but at least one of the rusted bolts broke off in the wood. Then we headed back to the swing set house one last time and I’m so glad we had finished the disassembly earlier because I didn’t have any more concentration left in me. There are several different steps involved in removing a swing set from your yard. Alternatively, keep the pieces at length and sell them to a scavenger operation that reclaims wood for use in new construction. Taking apart a cedar swing set might be necessary when you move to a new house, want to move the swing to a different location, or need to get rid of the set completely. How to Treat Cedar Wood.

how to disassemble a wood swing set 2Moving a swing set requires proper planning. Steps to take apart, reassemble, and move properly are covered here. HOW TO MOVE A WOODEN SWING SET. By emovingstorage 7 Comments. For families wondering if they can move their child’s beloved swing set or playset, the answer is ‘yes. While Byrum’s team does offer a playset relocation service, he says it’s just as common for families to disassemble and reassemble playsets themselves. We moved our CedarWorks set when we moved out of state. A friend took off the swing arm extension and the slide for me since dh was already working out of state.

We offer a disassembly service that includes taking apart your play set neatly and safely storing your hardware to insure an easy re-installation or storage. Wooden style swing sets will typically show signs of rotting over time. This article is to help you make your swing set move a breeze. There are different types of swing sets; some are made out of wood and others of metal. Whatever your circumstances, there is no way out when it comes to moving than to disassemble your swing set.

Moving, Disassembling, And Reassembling A Swingset

how to disassemble a wood swing set 3Yes I have an eyesore in my backyard a wooden play set that is very weathered, no swings and the slide is in my basement. I would like to take care of. Our kind neighbors have a 15 year old Rainbow swing set that they said we could have. We’ve been thinking about finding a buying a wooden swingset off of craigslist, but i’m concerned about the logistics of actually taking one down and. Depending on the manufacturer you find off Craigs list, some will take apart for you and put it together for you at your home. If it’s mostly metal, you have the option to strip it of all plastic and wood, then sell the frame and accessories as scrap metal. The Easiest Way to Take Apart a Kids Backyard Swing Set. NFT: taking apart a childlife swing set. These nuts were installed with a power driver that recessed them into the wood and slipped off once they were flush. On wooden swing sets, exposure to weather complicates matters as the hardware may rust and the lumber may swell or split. Most swing sets that are set in concrete require extra time and materials to disassemble and reassemble.

Swing Set & Playset Assembly Services

Important Delivery Information: Home Delivery: The freight trucking service that ships your wood playset will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. SWING SET & PLAY SET REMOVAL. If you are looking for a company to dismantle, breakdown and remove you old swing set or play set thenJunk My Trashis the right company for you. Anyways, I am going to be asking our friends to help us dismantle it and re-assemble it at our backyard. We gave our large wood swing set to our daughter last fall. We soon found out that the painter’s tape wasn’t sticking so instead used Sharpie markers and made small marks A to A, B to B, etc at all the junctions.