How To Do A Origami Box (DIY Project Download)

This origami model is one of those ones that pretty much anyone who does origami should make at some point. The Classic Origami Box is very simple to make but results in an impressive and useful little box for holding stuff, yay!  Video for the clicking-averse people out there:. Begin with a piece of square paper. You can use origami paper or fold any piece of paper diagonally from the corner to the opposite edge and trim off the excess. How to Make an Easy Paper Box. Paper boxes are easy, environmental friendly crafts that make good gifts, trays, and storage containers. You can make them by folding any size paper into a variety of shapes.

how to do a origami box 2Learn how to make this great origami box: its so easy. You can give the cards new life and help save landfill space by reusing them to make origami-style boxes. A little girl showed us how to make this box many years ago. Instructions to learn how to make various kinds of origami box.

Here’s a great way to turn a single piece of paper into a simple box, perfect for holding whatever knick-knacks or keepsakes you have lying around. How to make an origami box is really simple, but this is by far one of our favorites. I think it’s our favorite because the last step is like blowing up a balloon. How to make a square origami candy box with a lid inside, there’s different ways to finish this pretty gift box, use as party or wedding favour boxes!. These are the variations of the origami pentagonal box, you can make a geometric style box, a pointed gem shaped lid, or make two to get an egg or pill shaped origami box!.

Origami Box

Get one piece of paper in a perfect square. Next fold in half, so it is a triangle. Now fold in half again to make another triangle. Now take a triangle and press it down to form a square that has a crease in the middle. Make your own paper cubes. With this guide, you’ll learn how to make a simple paper cube with origami, the traditional art of Japanese paper folding. Easy videos with instructions to make origami boxes, dishes and containers of different shapes such as flowers, Santa Claus, cute hen, rabbit, animals. Origami Box. Based on a traditional Japanese fold, this tomato-shaped origami box will be one of your favorite origami boxes. Video tutorial and more. This origami box tutorial requires no glue and no tape. All that you need is a calendar, a ruler, and a pair of scissors!. Now, take the top of the new square, and fold it into the center. Do the same with the bottom half, so your paper looks like this:. Follow our origami gift box tutorial to make this lovely box in useful sizes – use it for storage or for giving presents at Christmas or any time of year!

How To Make An Origami Box

Learn how to make an easy origami box from a single sheet of 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch paper. Find step-by-step instructions and photos here.