How To Dry Firewood Faster (DIY Project Download)

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Is there any way to speed up the drying of this wood? I’ve thought about putting a box fan on it for a week to circulate the air. I have seen it used for firewood and it will remove moisture fairly quickly. My question is: How can I get the wood to dry enough for use in March? Or should I give up on it for this season and just wait until next season? Drying wood properly can increase the energy it releases when burned. Guidance on seasoning wood more quickly is pretty consistent: cut and split the wood to increase surface area; allow good airflow; protect from rain and leave for a year or more.

how to dry firewood faster 2Seems like there is a lot more green firewood than out there then dry. Whats the best method for drying it this summer? Seems like I read a post on this subject last year but I could not find it with the search feature of AMG. The smaller your wood is the faster it will dry. Whole logs will take a long time to dry and in some cases may not ever fully dry. When you cut them into firewood lengths and split them you greatly increase the surface area where moisture can escape. Burning logs in a Yeoman Wood Burning Stove will not only keep your home warm and comforting this winter, but can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Exposure to the elements is a good thing, plenty of sun and wind will dry logs faster.

What Is The Way To Dry Firewood This Summer?

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Quick Way To Season Firewood From Moisture Content To Under Moisture Content?