How To Expand A Closet Opening (DIY Project Download) makes it easy to widen a closet with these step-by-step instructions. A 24 inch door on a five foot wide closet just wasn’t practical. Widening the doorway and installing bi-fold doors allowed for full use of the closet space. Improve access to a closet with these step-by-step instructions for enlarging the opening from

how to expand a closet opening 2I’d like to be able to see my whole closet. Widening a closet door rough opening. widening closet door tutorial. Widening a Closet Door – Thumb and Hammer. Learn how widen a doorway; includes details on inspection holes, removing wall coverings and installing new framing. Hi there, thanks for the great video, I will be widening the door to a closet within the next month. Currently the closet is a long rectangle, and the door is on one of the long sides but towards an end, so you go into the door and then turn left and almost walk down the closet.

Open a modern closet, however, and you’ll see the biggest development since the invention of sliding doors: customized storage systems. If recesses are deeper than 18 in., consider widening the door opening and installing wider doors. I have a closet in my kitchen that currently acts as our pantry. It looks like any standard closet with two sliding doors and shelves on the interior. You should be able to do it. You will need to rebuild the header over the opening and install cripple studs just like is over the existing doorway.

How To Enlarge A Closet Opening

My husband and I would like to expand an existing closet and have no idea where to start. The closet is very wide and only has one door to. Depending on floor plan, expanding a bedroom closet involves moving a wall. For a hinged door, remove the pins with a screwdriver and hammer and lift the door off the hinges. The term framing here refers to installing the jambs into a rough opening for bypass or bifold doors. These closet doors are not available as prehung units. How to Make an upholstered headboard from a closet door This tutorial teaches you how to make a headboard from an old closet door and a red recycled curtain fabric. Hey DIY, For some reason I have a regular door in my house that goes to a 6 ft closet. I would like to make a 6ft opening in that wall and put. Find a good closet location. You can easily modify our plan to build closets wherever they’ll fit. Reduce the door width to fit narrower rooms, or build a closet with one set of doors.

Get More Closet Space

There are many reasons for needing to widen a doorway. Pry the baseboard from the floor using the same technique as you did on the door casing and trim. This wastes a lot of closet space, and I’d like to take out the door and about 2 feet of wall on either side and replace with a double bi-fold door, to give front access to the entire closet space. We are also expanding our closets in our 1927 house, yes they are too small for modern living. Opening up a wall to access closet space. Organization, Walls & Floors and tagged expanding closet in old house, opening up small closet. Replacing sliding closet doors with easy to open bifold doors allows full access to the closet space. Mark the location for the pivot points at the bottom of the door frame with a plumb bob.

The doors look like closet doors, and I have always hated them. Jennifer Scherer wanted a bigger closet in her New Jersey home. A custom door for such a small size would be very expensive, but Mangiarelli came up with a novel idea: He used one panel of a bi-fold door. The closet is very wide, but with only a single door, it made it much harder to utilize the space to the left and right. It’s amazing what widening a doorframe will do for functionality. For one owner, a room, hallway or closet might comfortably be sacrificed in the quest for an open floor plan. Fortunately, there are standard methods for safely spanning just about any opening, and most involve nothing more than a willingness to understand basic framing carpentry. Mounted on the sides of a closet opening, these doors allow access to the entire closet not one half of the closet at a time, as is the case with sliding doors.