How To Finish A Teak Table (DIY Project Download)

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Q: We have a teak mid-century Danish modern dining table. The table has good bones but the surface is incredibly damaged. Keep it or dump it? If I keep it, how do I refinish it? Sent by Karin. Teak furniture is consistently one of the most expensive types of wooden furniture on the market, due to its durability, beauty, and the length of time it can take before trees are mature enough for harvesting. Furniture designer and antique restoration expert Caitlin Long of The Shingled House shows us how to shore up a sink and bath with teak surrounds.

how to restain a teak table 2I need advice on how to finish solid teak exterior doors and a dining room table top. I have never had any experience with solid teak wood. These are very expensive, hand carved and shipped from India. Can you stain and seal and not use teak oil? The doors will be under a 6 foot entry way and not directly exposed to the weather. As a teak coffee table ages, it may lose some of the original luster that made it such an attractive feature. Your chosen finish- French polish, Teak oil, Danish oil, Tung oil, Linseed oil, varnish, Polyurethane, wax, or even. Dare I say it, paint.

I was given a Danish design, Teak Dining room table. The top has a burn mark that is about 1 mm-2 mm deep. The finish is a bit marred elsewere, but all in all the table is in good shape. I am new to refinishing and would love to take this on as a project. Hi All – I just inherited a Danish teak dining table that needs some attention. The leaves have a pretty good film finish on them, and the frame and legs look good, but the main table top needs work. Stubborn stains like coffee or red wine can be removed by a light sanding of the very top layer of your teak furniture. You can start with a medium grade sandpaper and then finish off with a fine grade to make the surface of the teak nice and smooth.

Finishing A Teak Table

how to restain a teak table 3I recently purchased a mid century modern teak dining table with leaves. I want to protect the wood from the high traffic it will receive. My old dining room table, a golden oak table, I painted with a polyurethean satin finish. Ongoing discussion on The Home Page of the Finishing Industry: Water Stain on Teak Wood. Q. I have a teak wood table and it has a water mark on it I have read different ways to remove it. One being cigarette ashes mixed with vegetable oil or mayonnaise rub into the stain. After extensive research and flexing our well honed bargain shopping muscles, we found a set of solid teak furniture for a steal at our local Crate & Barrel outlet. The project had stretched well into the night, but I finally finished up the first coat of oil. What Are The Issues Teak Finishes Teak Cleaners The Bottom Line. Believe it or not, putting wood furniture on you deck or in your back yard in the sun is a pretty hostile environment. Sitting a boat in the water on a lake or in a marina is an even more hostile environment. Refinishing teak requires sanding to remove the aged surface of the wood before applying a protective teak oil finish that enhances the wood’s natural luster. The best place to clean teakwood furniture is outdoors on a concrete patio or driveway. Teak is used for making boats, furniture, and other things which require resistance to the elements. Teak is used for outdoor furniture but is not recommended for full exposure to the sun. First remove the piece from any finished surface or remove any items that might be affected by the cleaning process. Teak cleaner will not hurt the lawn or fiberglass but it may damage painted surfaces or stain a patio, always wear rubber gloves and goggles when using this type of cleaner.

Refinishing A Teak Table

Olive is great in salads and cooking, but it’s not the best for wood. Find out what works much better to finish a teak table right here. – Steve Maxwell. I would appreciate any expertise on the subject of a teak dining table (indoor). The table is about 35 years old and I stripped it down using a chemical furniture stripper. First, before applying your stain or finish, give the wood a good dose of methyl hydrate, to dry out the surface oils. As soon as that evaporates, apply your oil based stain, but I would add some Japan dryer to it to help it cure faster. New raw interior teak furniture from C&B: the best non-darkening, natural looking matte finishes? We bought unfinished, new Pacifica interior teak. How to Oil Teak Furniture. Teak is one of the most durable woods and does not need any special treatment to maintain its strength. However, if left untreated, teak furniture will fade to a light brown, then a silvery grey appearance.

Considering refinishing the Danish mid-century teak table my former roommate left behind. A great deal of MCM furniture was constructed of teak, walnut or rosewood and those pieces are my first love. Regardless it is NOT as daunting as it sounds! And if you ask me, regardless of whether you are going to paint or stain, you will get a superior result if you first strip the piece down to bare wood! Friday I stripped the dining room table I shared here.