How To Fit A Headboard To A Divan Bed (DIY Project Download)

how to fit a headboard to a divan bed 1

Measure the height of your bed, including the mattress. 3. Floor standing headboards attach to the bed and reach right down to the floor behind it. Remember that if you divan bed base doesnt suit the colour of the headboard you wish to purchase, you can always get a bed valance to cover the divan base. Your divan bed will have two bolds on the back and you just need to unscrew these bolts, fit the headboard to them, and then screw the bolts gently back on.

how to fit a headboard to a divan bed 2Use wooden struts & attach to your bed base. The headboard will be completely flush to the wall if mounted and look much better. If the bed is pulled away from the wall for fresh linen, the headboard remains hung to the wall and out of the way. Most divan bases have fittings in place ready to attach struts, to be sure, please check your bed. Instead of trying to drill holes into the structure of the bed, when you’re not sure how solid it is, why not turn the bolts around the other way and drill holes into the wall – attach the headboard to the wall and then just push the bed up against it. This kit will fit 95 of the all uk divan beds. Here you buying a brand new set of 4 stainless steel heavy duty head board bolts complete with 4 Plastic Washers.

Now you are ready to fit your new headboard to your bed. Slide the headboard legs onto the screws that are in the divan base, for heavy wooden headboards it is easier to have two people at this stage. The headboard is very heavy and I do not want it falling down on us while sleeping. Should I attach to bed frame or wall or maybe both? This classically stylish headboard will fit most standard king sized divan bed bases and is supplied with a support to help you attach it to your bed base.

Headboard Fixing

A stylish and beautiful headboard, upholstered to match the divan, really completes the bed. Dreams Contract has an excellent collection, designed to suit all divan types and make a real statement in the room.

How To Fit A Bed Headboard