How To Fix Garage Door Cable Drum (DIY Project Download)

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Drums at the ends of the tube act as reels, winding up the cables connected to the door. There are a ton of garage door questions so I hope this one isn’t the last straw Recently the left hand. (The set screws should be turned 6 to 8 (1/4) turns after contact is made with the tube) One other possible but very unlikely problem is the torsion tube has broken in two, inside the spring and the two drums are acting independently of each other. I have a single spring garage door with a cable pulley on either side. My question is, can I repair this without messing with the tension spring. Loosen the set screws on the the cable end into the slot, wind the cable opposite of the other side.

how to fix garage door cable drum 2Im having issues with our almost new garage door. You’re going to need to unwind the springs and start from scratch, so either raise the door and pop the cables off the drums like you did before,and lower it back down, or unwind them with it on the floor. Problems with overhead door cables occur after years of use. Several lengths, weights and types of cables are available on the market, and cables vary depending on the type of drum or pulley system used in the garage door assembly. Each cable drum is manufactured to help the garage door remain balanced as it opens and closes with the help of the torsion springs. Contact the following companies for residential and industrial garage doors, openers and repairs in your local area.

The track radius is smaller than on most other doors, the cable drums are smaller, and the shaft has a unique shape. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to replace your garage door spring on a door with just one torsion spring. For example, low headroom garage doors often have cable drums on the outside of the end plate and the springs usually wind down rather than up. Has your garage door failed to function properly? Most repair companies will suggest repairing your cable drums when it is not needed. Read here for more.

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Garage Door Cable Drums and Pulleys for doors with torsion or extention springs. Choose from extensive line of garage door pulley sheaves and cable drums for your replacement or new overhead door needs. You will need vice grip or locking pliers, replacement cables, winding bars, wrenches, sockets, ratchet stepping ladder, gloves, and safety glasses. Wind cable onto cable drum and slide the cable drum over to the bearing plate and turn the drum counterclockwise direction until the cable is tight, now tighten the set screws. Bar made from a wooden cable reel, best use I have seen for one of these spools. Perused on to figure out how to replace a garage door link. Replacing a Garage Door Cable. Do-it-yourself garage door tutorials and how-to instructions. the cable drums. they immediately seize up and think that’s it’s too advanced for them to fix. Garage door cables drum and replacement parts service offered by Orange County Garage Door Masters at an affordable cost. Call at (844) 326-6375.

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Here, we have an experienced team of professionals who can easily conduct the task of garage door cable drum replacement with precision. Additionally, our company stores high-quality garage door replacement parts. Garage door cable repair may be required in such case. There are generally three types of cable drums that match to three types of garage doors including vertical-lift, standard-lift and high-lift cable drums.