How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture In Virtual Families 2 (DIY Project Download)

So ask your Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House question for iPhone – iPad and get answers from real gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community. Can u get rid of the furniture that was in the house when u first started the game? To find a way to get rid of wrong medicines that fill your tool tray, just tap on it and then tap on the rubbish bin and it will say: Do you want to throw this away? Tap yes and it will be gone! For furniture and stuff that clutter your house, simply tap the purple decoration button on the top of the screen, drag the item you want to get rid of into the boxes. To sell furniture, drag one you want to get rid of to the outside gate (on the street). Then it will say how much it’s., Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House for the iPhone – iPad.

how to get rid of old furniture in virtual families 2 2That being said, I sold some pets accidentally when I was selling my furniture. This was what I did. I dragged my old couch to the curb then I went to rearrange my furniture. I tried to change the direction of my coffe table and accidentally tapped it twice. Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough for Household Events – Use our collection of helpful hints, custom screenshots, and step-by-step instructions to help you raise a happy, healthy, and successfull family. The only way to get rid of this pile is to purchase a washing machine for your little people. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House for iPhone iPod cheats – Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. Hint: I find that when you want to cure someone, you should give them medicine while it says the sickness description. You will have to switch back to get your furniture from the old house, but if you have other people of your virtual family in the new house, then buy a random event, you will automatically go to the new house.

Use the coins to buy food for your family so they don’t starve, and the upgrades needed to make the house more habitable or their jobs easier. Virtual Families 2 fixes this problem with movable furniture and room renovations that can become anything your imagination can conjure. Family. Here you can see the family tree, where the generations of parents, children, and grandchildren that have lived under your guidance can be viewed. The orange peel is used to get rid of ants forever. Mmusilli Messages: 7, Offline all you would have to do is put the furniture out to the curb, beyond the gate, and you will earn money along with getting rid of the furniture.

Can You Get Rid Of. Or Sell Pets?: Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House Questions & Answers For Iphone

Virtual Families (PC) cheats, codes, hints, FAQs, and help. Go to the laundry room. The duster and plunger are used to fix the shower and toilet. Do not buy any of the house upgrades unless you have a level 2 in the Office, Kitchen and Workshop. Learn how To Cure Hiccups On Virtual Families 2 with these great tips. Check out all of our cheats, tips and walkthroughs to help you during the game! Virtual Families 2 is a really nice game, and ive never been able to bring myself to delete it even when i stop playing it. I could get rid of old furniture, so I could purchase new furniture. Also, the game needs new furniture items as they are getting old and boring. I have an 18 yr old, mom 44, dad 47, infant in arms. As long as I don’t close the game, they never age. As for getting rid of pets I can only tell you what happened with me. I had clicked on my decor button so I could move some furniture around. My pets ( I have 4) were by their bowls because they were hungry. Find all our Virtual Families Questions for Android. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. I play virtual families 2 on my galaxy s android. I was wanting to kno. My 32 year old adults are weak and so is my 4 year old. What can I do. How do I sell items and pets and furniture.

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

By your 3rd generation, you’ll have bought better quality furniture and you can sell your old ones. Login to get rid of the CAPTCHA thingy! In both games, you have a virtual dollhouse and tiny families you can manipulate to your every whim. My favorite method of disposing of boring characters (usually after my main Sim would get married) was to build a swimming pool with only a diving board. Unless you built the ladder, they couldn’t get out. The pool is such a common way to kill them that the makers of the game made a joke about it in Sims 2. I used to be totally addicted to The Sims and killing them was definitely a major part of the fun. Virtual Families Tricks & Tips. I rejected the first 2, but the moment I saw the third, Excel, I knew they were a perfect match. So I have 3 tricks that I have used through all of those generations (though the third one I just started using this generation) that I think everyone who plays VF2 should know. To sell furniture, drag one you want to get rid of to the outside gate (on the street). To all those asking about how to get money just keep encouring your virtual family to work on their career till they reach Level 8 I’m on my 3rd generation i have almost 150,000 i didn’t buy the money and i want more furniture and to be able to zoom in and out.