How To Give Mdf A High Gloss Finish (DIY Project Download)

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This is what I used to put on the edges of the MDF. Any high gloss spray paint should work. You get what you pay for though so don’t skimp on paint. This is what gives you that mirror finish. I am building a TV cabinet out of either MDF or Ply and I want to give it a high gloss mirror finish I have seen a few people talk about it on other forums but I’d like some one with experience to give me there input. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve a high gloss piano black or other coloured finish to MDF? It will set quickly and give you depth like you wouldn’t believe.

how to give mdf a high gloss finish 2How do I achieve a piano black high gloss finish on wood? I’m building some speaker cabinets for my living room out of MDF. Any ideas? I’m pretty sure it involves lots of layers of lacquer, but does anyone have any specific advice to give – spray or brush, how many layers, surface preparation, what kind of topcoat?. I am looking to make a stand out of mdf for a display in my business. im making it out of mdf as it would be a real shame if i made it out of oak and the glossed it. I want to get the high gloss finish that i see in places like ikea. im pretty jealous really as i have never been able to achieve that quality. Tekaloid is a high gloss enamel and gives a very good high gloss finish, the down side4 is you cannot sand enamel between coats, if you do you risk destroying the finish, you cannot polish it afterwards like you would a cellulose finish however you can wax it. It is especially bad with gloss or metallic finishes. I could sand the paint with high grit sand paper and finish it with a high gloss lacquer. I would give the surface a light sanding before, then follow up with shellac and paint.

Finishers offer several approaches to achieving a high-gloss white finish on MDF cabinets. It gives good control over how much and how fast you put it on. Hi Pro’s and enthusiasts! I’m going to make my own desk out of MDF and want to give it a high-gloss white finish like the image below, which I found on Google images. I like the hi gloss black piano finish look and would like to try and duplicate it. Even without wetsanding or polishing, properly applied paint should give a fairly adequate reflection. I work in the car audio custom installation industry and we finish MDF with high gloss paint frequently.


how to give mdf a high gloss finish 3Regarding finishing MDF, what finish would give a hard, glossy surface? They are MDF tops with Mdf strip at the front. A coat of the primer, one of the undercoat and 2 of the gloss will give you a good finish especially if you give a light sand down between the gloss coats. High gloss finish on walls. I am trying to paint mdf to give it a high gloss look i was planning on doing it with 2k car paint does anyone have any better suggestions? Hello, I’m trying to get a high black gloss finish on MDF and not having much luck, Iv tried sanding it but some of the MDF fibers show through. You need to seal the mdf before you paint otherwise it just soaks it all up giving you that weird matte finish. I’m putting a gloss finish on MDF speaker cabinets. I’m considering Valspar high gloss spray paint for the color, but am unsure of the best brands/types for each of my steps, could anyone make a suggestion?. To get a glossy finish on a piece of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) you need to take your time to properly prepare the MDF. You can easily obtain a glossy finish by applying high-gloss paint.

High Gloss White Paint On Mdf

Mdf units spray painting finishing, spraying plywood, respray furniture finishing. We can professionally respray any furniture, old or new, to suit your tastes and give it a new lease of life. How to Paint Wood (mdf) to a High Gloss Mirror Finish With a Spray Can – posted in Interior / Exterior / Paint – Detailing, washing, waxing,tricks of the trade!: Well I have been planning out my enclosure for my 15 DC XL and wanted something amazing that is really going to turn heads, I looked into suede, plexiglass, carpet, fiberglass. And decided on a combination of them, but Theonly part I didnt know how to accomplish was achieving that show car paint job, a high shine high-gloss. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. I have been experimenting with using high-gloss enamel over mdf using a roller (primed in acrylic flat paint) which comes up quite good (at only 2 p/m2 approx) but just doesn’t achieve the ‘wow’ factor that sprayed 2-pack does. This should give a superior finish to a short nap synthetic roller or foam roller. I intend spaying 4 MDF 18mm thick panels circa 0.7m2 each. I have had cut to size B Q MDF so likley not MR MDF. I’ll give it a go and see what results I can achieve. I would like to achieve a high gloss finish and have been informed cellulose will achieve this.

(Dulux Gloss or Satin). Use a nice quality pure bristle paint brush (Hamilton). I need to paint some newly installed MDF built-in shelving. I want the finish to be a high gloss white. The MDF is beautifully smooth, so I’m not sure it will need sanding preparation (though I will, of course, make absolutely sure the surfaces are dust free before starting). As for Cost I normally look at all work before I give a Price but you are probably looking at around 2 hours a coat 6 hours so i would charge a days wages. That effect (AFAIK), can only be reached by spraying a high gloss laquer (several layers of it) over a black paint, Im pretty sure you wont be able to acheive this effect with a brush as the finnish would not be as professional. Prime the mdf (if you are useing a dark colour for the finish. use a dark primer) to get that sort off finish use gloss paint watered down with white spirit so that it becomes runny and than you could hire a compressor and a spray gun/ take it to you local car body shop and ask them to do it. Can I just use minwax high gloss polyurethane? A auto supply store quoted me like 65.