How To Hang Sliding Wardrobe Doors (DIY Project Download)

How to Fit Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Sliding closet or wardrobe doors usually come with all the running gear and tracks needed for installation. To fit the top and bottom tracks and insert the sliding doors, you will need to measure the. Please take a few minutes to read through our quick start guide to sliding wardrobe door installation before ordering you doors. When you purchase our doors you will get a comprehensive installation guide to help you with the installation of your sliding wardrobe doors. Sliding closet doors take up less bedroom space when they are open and they allow you to reach all of your closet. Closet door installation hardware is available to make this job an easy-to-do.

how to hang  sliding wardrobe doors 2Fittings supplied with smartrobe sliding doors system. Installing the doors requires lifting the door so the rollers sit in the grooved track on top and rest in the guides on the floor. This usually requires tilting the door to get the rollers into the upper channels, then shifting them to guide the bottom of the doors into the floor guides. IFixit – How to Realign a Sliding Closet Door: Sliding closet door rollers often become misaligned, inhibiting the sliding closet door’s full range of motion. This is what gives the door enough space to fit back into the bottom tracks.

Measuring up for your sliding doors & storage systems couldn’t be easier. Simply measure the height of your opening and then the width. All of of our doors fit into an opening height of 2260mm, the modular storage system fits into a height between 2100-2700mm. How to hang sliding closet doors. This type of closet door slides on rollers running along a metal track at the top of the closet frame. There are also small guides attached to the floor at the bottom of the doors to keep them in line as they are opened and closed. Be sure to check out our follow-up post on this project, answering some FAQs! Way back, I blogged about our 2012 kitchen renovation. In that post, I mentioned that we had gotten rid of some hideous metal bifold doors on two side-by-side closets in our kitchen.

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how to hang  sliding wardrobe doors 3Read our Sliding Wardrobe Door Installation Guide; Step by Step Guidance and Videos to help you install your new wardrobe. A framed sliding door wardrobe is the ideal solution to solving your storage needs. Sliding wardrobe doors and fitted wardrobes in stunning new colours and styles. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service. CS Premier 2T-140 is a complete wardrobe sliding door system that includes high quality track, carriages and timber head and closing jambs. Supplied fully assembled for on-site installation. For a spacious bedroom, a large wardrobe with sliding wardrobe doors is a very practical and convenient way of storing clothes and other items, without spending a great deal of money. We’ve got a closet with a pair of overlapping sliding doors that hang, by their wheels, on a top-mounted rack. There’s a bottom guide screwed to the floor that keeps the doors lined up.

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