How To Hide Cable Box Behind Tv (DIY Project Download)

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Wall mount your cable or satellite box behind your TV! Xbox, Wii, Apple TV, DISH, DirecTV, Cable Boxes, Mac mini, Roku, TiVO, & more. Take advantage of your wall space, eliminate your bulky TV stand and hide your components and wires behind your TV. It makes it easy to hide the cords – everything gets tucked behind the TV.

how to hide cable box behind tv 2Who would have thought this box could hold so much stuff? Premium thin TVs are paired with equally thin mounts, leaving you limited space to hide equipment and route cables. Anyone have any experience hiding a cable box behind a wall mounted TV somehow? There is no closet nearby in which to store the cable box. These devices let you hide that jumble of cables, wires and boxes you have attached to your TVbehind closed door or in another room.

So if you put your cable box behind doors, you’ll have to open them whenever you want to change channels. If you have easy access to the HDMI port on the back of your TV and cable box, you can use the Sewell InjectIR. If you have to have a box and want it mounted behind the TV, then choose a panel mount that leaves you some room – one that articulates. Keep your display mounted close to the wall and hide your cable box in a cabinet or closet. They can be one of the most helpful tools in the box, or the reason you put 10 holes in the wall without hitting a stud. Luckily, hiding cables inside the wall is fairly cheap and easy. In the end, you will have an outlet behind your TV, and what’s called an inlet, down by the floor (at the same height as your other outlets).

Behind Tv Solution

how to hide cable box behind tv 3How to get a cord free mantle: hiding your cable box. The wall behind the TV is the office closet which also backs the hall closet, so J cut a small hole in the closet wall behind the TV and another one at the back of the closet, ran an extension cord to the hall closet for power and BOOM! a new set up. The extender comprises two separate components: a small transmitter that sits close (or even behind) the TV, and a receiver that you place with the cable box or DVD player in the hidden location. And the cable box blends right in! (Love Coming Home). Connect the cable box wire to the TV and run the wire through the top grommet, behind the wall and out through the second grommet. The grommet will protect the wire from any damage. See more photos and details about Steve’s How To Hide Your TV Cables project over at The Harpster Home. The TV is plugged into the wall directly behind it and the components are in a closet in the hall behind the fireplace. The fireplace was big enough to hide the cable box and the Nintendo clutter, too.

How To Hide Your Cable Box

How to Clean Up the Bird’s Nest of Cables Behind Your TV. Edit; Invite manually; Promote; Dismiss Undismiss; Hide; Share to Kinja; Go to permalink. You could mount your Wii, a small cable box, your DIY media center, or just about anything else as long as your remote doesn’t need to see it. These are the infrared dots inside your cable boxes, etc. that interact with the remote. We drilled a hole into the credenza behind the TV so we could pull the wire into the credenza and make it disappear as much as possible. Installing a flat panel TV and hiding wires inside of a wall can be easy or very frustrating depending on your level of expertise and patience. A simple option is to hide the wires behind furniture like wall cabinets and curtains, while a more permanent option is to conceal the wires in the walls behind the flat screen TV wall mount. TV set where the outlet wires will be connected to devices like cable box and DVD player.

Solved: Want to put cable box behind flat screen TV in closet behind wall mount. What equipment do I require in order to hide the cable.