How To Install A Garage Door Lock (DIY Project Download)

Most of the garage doors at the farm are automatic, but one on my dad’s shop is manual and has no way to lock it. Using a few random pieces I found laying around, I put together a lock that can be installed and removed quickly and. Read more on garage door opener repair and troubleshooting. Have the door open when you install the opener (clamp locking pliers onto the roller track below a roller to keep the door from closing). See more about Deadbolt Lock, Garage Door Track and Door Locks.

how to install a garage door lock 2The garage door opener is a much better lock than what is installed on the door. You’re actually supposed to disable the factory lock mechanism so it cannot be used. Transmitter detects when garage door is open and will send wireless signal to trigger receiver and activates alert. Installation VideosInstallation instructions (PDF)Product brochures:12.

Do I Still Need To Lock Garage Door That Has A Auto-opener? (installed, Codes)

Manual Garage Door Lock