How To Install A Storm Door Chain (DIY Project Download)

The one feature that most storm doors do not come with is a chain that restricts how wide the door can open. When installing our storm door I found that a chain was needed to restrict the door from hitting a outside light on our porch. How to Install a storm door with This Old House Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to put in a storm door. Tools include a door chain, screwgun, hammer, chisel and other listed tools. The Prime Line Storm Door Chain and Spring is constructed with steel chain and features heavy gauge wire spring construction. In no case is Prime-Line responsible for user related damage or damage incurred during installation.

how to install a storm door chain 2Storm Door Installation, Maintenance and Repair Tips. The safety chain is designed to stop the storm door from over-opening through the actions of humans or Mother Nature! Enough force can even rip the jamb bracket right out of the door jamb! Though many manufacturers give measured locations for the safety chain mounting, I always check to make sure that the safety chain will do its job before drilling any holes. Why replace a screen door if you can just fix it? Then you’ll need a half-hour to paint, install a new closer and a heavy-duty wind chain, and after that you can call it a day. How to Install a Safety Chain on a Storm Door Learn how to stop the effects of wind damage to your storm door by simply installing a wind chain doorstop.

Be sure to use a chain and spring assembly on the storm door if the storm door does not open into a corner at nearly 90 degrees. Install the hinge track on the correct edge of the storm door. Replacing a broken storm door closer, or installing a new one, is an easy job that can be accomplished in under an hour. To protect the storm door from being blasted open by high winds and breaking your closer, many models come with a chain retainer that gets connected to the door and the jamb. Door closers are typically installed on bottom, but can be installed on top if desired, although wind chain could be in the way. Always install on interior side of storm door; install on edge with hinges.

Storm Door Installation, Adjustment, Maintenance And Repair Tips

crate and barrel tate bed assembly instructions 3How to Install a Safety Chain on a Storm Door. Learn how to stop the effects of wind damage to your storm door by simply installing a wind chain doorstop. We have a standard door chain which is taped to the wall next to the door, because our power drill can’t handle the metal doorframe. Is this just an aluminum storm door? The skills and tools needed to install a storm door are well within the average homeowner s capability. Screw the terminal end of the chain into the top of the door jamb and to the top of the door.

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